Revised Dearness Relief from July 2016 for Tamilnadu State Govt Pensioners

Dearness Relief payable to Pensioners from August 2021 to January 2022

Dearness Allowance to the Pensioners and Family Pensioners -Revised rate admissible from 1st July 2016 – Orders – Issued.

Tamil Nadu Govt GO for Dearness Allowance increase to the Pensioners


G.O.No.310, Dated 16th December 2016.

(Dhunmugi, Margazhi-01, Thiruvalluvar Aandu-2047)


PENSION – Dearness Allowance to the Pensioners and Family Pensioners -Revised rate admissible from 1st July 2016 – Orders – Issued.

Read :

1. G.O.Ms.No.118, Finance (Pension) Department, dated: 20-04-2016.

2. Government  of  India,  Ministry  of  Personnel, Public Grievances  & Pensions, Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare, New Delhi’s Office Memorandum F.No.42/15/2016-P&PW(G), dated: 16-11-2016.

3. G.O.Ms.No.309, Finance (Allowances) Department, dated:16-12-2016.


In the Government Order first read above, orders were issued sanctioning the revised rate of Dearness Allowance to the State Government Pensioners / Family Pensioners as detailed below:-

Date from which payable Revised rate of Dearness
Allowance   (per month)
With  effect  from
1st January, 2016.

125% of  Pension  /  Family

2. The Government of India, in its Office Memorandum second read above has conveyed its decision on admissibility of the Dearness Relief to its Pensioners / Family Pensioners subsequent to implementation of the Seventh Central Pay Commission recommendations, as detailed below:-

Date from which payable Rate of Dearness Relief per month
From  01-01-2016 No  Dearness  Relief
From  01-07-2016

2% o f  Basic  Pension  /  Family

3. In  the  Government  order  third  read  above,  orders  were  issued revising the Dearness Allowance of Government employees and teachers to 132% with effect from 01-07-2016, following the Government of India’s decision on enhancing the Dearness Allowance to its employees drawing pay in pre-2016 Scales of Pay.

4. The Government, after careful consideration of the fact that the pension / family pension is yet to be revised, has decided to enhance the Dearness Allowance of Pensioners / Family Pensioners by 7% with retrospective effect from 01-07-2016 as allowed to Government employees and  teachers.  Accordingly, Government  sanction  the  revised  rate  of Dearness Allowance to the State   Government Pensioners / Family Pensioners as indicated below:-

Date from which payable

Revised rate of Dearness
Allowance (per month)


1st  July,  2016


132% of Pension / Family Pension

5. The Government also direct that the arrears of enhanced Dearness Allowance for the months of July to November 2016, be drawn and paid by existing cashless mode of Electronic Clearance System (ECS).

6. While  arriving  at  the  revised  Dearness  Allowance,  fraction of  a rupee shall be rounded off to the next higher rupee if such fraction is 50 paise and above and shall be ignored if it is less than 50 paise.  It will be the responsibility of the Pension Disbursing Authority including Public Sector Banks to calculate the quantum of Dearness Allowance payable in each individual case.

7. Pending formal authorisation by the Principal Accountant General, the revised Dearness Allowance shall be paid straightaway by the Pension Pay Officer, Chennai, Treasury Officers and Public Sector Banks concerned.

8. This order will apply to the following categories of pensioners:-

(i) Government Pensioners, Teacher Pensioners of aided and local body  educational  institutions  and  other  pensioners  of  local bodies;

(ii) The State Government employees who  had  drawn  lumpsum payment on absorption in Public Sector Undertaking /Autonomous Body / Local Body / Co-operative institution and have become entitled to restoration of 1/3rd commuted portion of pension as well as revision of the restored amount;

(iii) Present and future family pensioners; In the case of divisible family pensioners, Dearness Allowance shall be divided proportionately;

(iv) Former Travancore-Cochin State pensioners drawing their pension on 1st November, 1956 in the Treasuries situated in the areas transferred  to  Tamil  Nadu  State  on  that  date,  i.e. Kanniyakumari District and Shencottah Taluk of Tirunelveli District;

(v) Pensioners who are in receipt of special pensions under Extra- ordinary Pension   Rules,   Tamil   Nadu   and   Compassionate Allowance.

9. The expenditure on Dearness Allowance payable to the Pensioners and Family Pensioners shall be debited to the respective following Heads of Account:

“2071. Pension and Other Retirement Benefits – 01. Civil – 101. Superannuation and Retirement Allowances – I. Non-Plan – AC. Dearness Allowance to Pensioners – 03. Dearness Allowance (D.P.C. 2071 01 101 AC 0306)”

“2071. Pension and Other Retirement Benefits – 01. Civil – 105. Family Pensions – I. Non-plan – AC. Dearness Allowance to Family Pensioners of Tamil Nadu Government – 03. Dearness Allowance (D.P.C. 2071 01105 AC 0308) “.

10. Necessary additional funds will be provided in Revised Estimate / Final Modified Appropriation 2016-2017.  Pending provision of such funds, the Pension Disbursing Authorities are authorized  to disburse the amount as ordered above.

11. The  orders  regarding  sanction  of  Dearness  Allowance  to  the widows and children of the deceased Contributory Provident Fund / Non Pensionable  Establishment  beneficiaries  of  State  Government  and  the former District Boards who are drawing ex-gratia will be issued separately.

12. The  increased  expenditure  due  to  the  sanction  of  Dearness Allowance in this order is allocable among the successor States as per the provisions laid down under the State Reorganization Act, 1956.

13. This order issues with the Additional Sanction Ledger Number 1628 [One Thousand Six Hundred and Twenty Eight].




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