Higher Start of Pay for posts of graduate Junior Assistants, Typists and Record Clerks

Tamil Nadu Pay Grievances – Clarification for Higher  Start  of  Pay  for  the  posts  of Graduate Junior Assistants/ Typists and Record Clerks orders issued

Finance  (CMPC)  Department,
Chennai  – 600 009.

Letter  No.2112/CMPC/2015 -1,  dated:05-03-2015


Thiru.T. Udhayachandran, I.A.S.,
Secretary  to Government.(Expenditure)


The Chief Civil   Surgeon  Medical  Officer,
Government   Peripheral   Hospital,
Tondiarpet,    Chennai-600   081.


Sub: Tamil     Nadu    Revised    Scales     of    Pay     Rules,      2009    – Recommendations of  the   Pay  Grievance    Redressal   Cell    – Dispensation    of  Higher  Start  of  Pay  for  the  posts  of Graduate Junior Assistants/ Typists and Record Clerks orders issued – Request to clarify certain points about  the eligibility of Higher Start of pay for the post of Typist – Reg.


  1. G.O.Ms.No.321, Finance (Pay Cell) Department, dated: 2-07-1998.
  2. G.O.Ms.No.234, Finance (Pay Cell) Department, dated: 01-06-2009.
  3. G.0.Ms.No.241, Finance (Pay Cell) Department, dated: 22–07-2013.
  4. Your letter Ref.No.1255/TPH/2014, dated: 06-01-2015.

I  am to invite your attention to the references cited.

2.  In   your  letter  cited,  a clarification   has been  sought for   as to  whether graduate  Typist is eligible for higher start of pay as the individual  has joined duty before  01-04-2013  and  also  raised presumption  that  all the  graduate Junior Assistant/ Typist who have joined duty during the period  from 01-01-2006  to 31-03-2013 are eligible for higher start of pay.

3.  In  this  connection,  I am to state that in the Government Order third  cited, orders  have been issued to dispense the higher start of pay granted to the Junior Assistants/ Typists   for   possessing   degree   qualification   with   effect   from 1-04-2013.       However,   in  cases where  higher  start  of  pay  has  already been granted between 1-04-2013  to 22-07-2013,  such cases need not be effected any recovery till the date of issue of the Government Order third cited, but the pay of the such individuals shall be re-fixed to the minimum of the Pay Band  (Pay+  Grade Pay) of the said posts and the excess pay sanctioned if any to  the individuals   from 23-07-2013  to till date shall be  recovered from the individual concerned.  Further, I am  also  to  clarify  that  the  graduate  Typist  who  joined   duty  on  or  before 1-04-2013   and  not  sanctioned  higher  start  of  pay  till  the  date  of  issue  of Government Order third cited are also not entitled for the benefit of higher start of pay since the above concession has been dispensed with effect from 1-04-2013. Hence,  I  am to inform-that  your presumption is not correct and the objection raised by the Pay and Accounts Officer (North) is in order.

Yours faithfully,

for Secretary to Government (Expenditure)

Download Letter  No.2112/CMPC/2015 -1,  dated: 05-03-2015 issued by TN Finance Secretary

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