BSNL Employees Union National Council Meeting – Discussions

Brief note on the discussions took place in the 30th meeting of the National Council, held on 23.04.2014 – BSNL Employees Union

(1) Lesser standards of evaluation for the JAO and JTO exams.
The Staff Side made a strong appeal to the Management, to review the JAO and JTO exams that had taken place, by adopting lesser standards of evaluation. The vehement, lengthy and detailed arguments of the Staff Side to grant grace marks, were however not accepted by the Management.
As regards taking remedial measures in respect of question papers with discrepancies, it was agreed that the Recruitment Branch will issue a letter to all the CGMs, as has been done in the case of MP and AP circles, for taking necessary remedial action.
(2) Regular promotion to officiating JTOs.
Management replied that a provision is already made in the New Recruitment Rules for the absorption of all the 1500 officiating JTOs. The RR will soon go for the approval of the Management Committee.
(3) Eligibility of the Non-Executives to appear Management Trainee exam.
Very serious arguments were placed by the Staff Side for the amendment of the Recruitment Rules of the Management Trainees, so as to make the Non-Executives, with the requisite qualification, eligible to appear the MT exam. But this was not accepted by the Management. Due to the persistent requests made by the Staff Side, Management agreed to review the RR, after one exam is held. It was informed that the notification for holding the MT exam would be issued within 3 months.
(4) Amendments to JTO(T), JTO(E), JTO(C) and JAO Recruitment Rules.
Management informed that the new RR of JTO(T) is going for the approval of the MC shortly and that the qualifying service has been reduced from 7 years to 5 years. The demand of the Staff Side to reduce it to 4 years was not accepted. Management also informed that the work to frame new RRs of JTO(E), JTO(C) would be taken up shortly.
(5) Filling up of SC/ST back log vacancies
Management replied that there is no unfilled back log vacancies in Non-Executive posts.
(6) Regularisation of TSMs and casual labourers appointed on compassionate grounds.
There was a detailed discussion on this issue. However, Management finally replied that regularization of any TSM or casual labourer could not be done in view of the Hon’ble Supreme Court judgement in the Uma Devi case.
(7) Revision of stipends of trainees.
Management has already issued order on 07.04.2014, (after this item was submitted for discussion in the National Council) stating that 70% of the minimum pay of the respective pay scale + IDA shall be paid as stipend for TTAs / Sr.TOAs and TMs.
Staff Side demanded that revised stipends should be implemented from 01.01.2007 and arrears should be paid. Management accepted this.
(8) Fresh Recruitment of Staff.
Staff Side argued about the need for fresh recruitment, since there is acute shortage in cadre like Sr.TOA. Management agreed that fresh recruitment is required, howeverthey told that it should be done for a multi-skilled cadre. Further, they told that this issue would be referred to the consultant.
(9) Empowerment of women staff in BSNL.
Staff Side argued that the role being played by the women staff, for the growth of BSNL as well as for the society as a whole, should be recognised. It was also pointed out that the women employees, after crossing certain age, are facing specific health problems and thus require a special consideration. In view of the above, the Staff Side demanded the women employees should be granted special leave of one day for every completed one month’s service. However, Management said that it is following the Government Rules in the matter of leave, and whatever is not mentioned in those Rules would not be granted.
(10) Pay fixation in case of Non-Executives absorbed in BSNL, who had opted for IDA pay scale from the date of promotion after 01.10.2000.
Management said that this issue is being actively persued with the DoT and expressed hope that a favourable order would come soon. The Staff Side demanded that in the meanwhile recovery being made at the field level should be stopped. Management agreed to look into this.
(11) Provision of Rs.200/- BSNL SIM to all the Non-Executives.
BSNL SIM worth Rs.200/- has already been issued to the Non-Executives working in the outdoor. Staff Side demanded that this facility should be extended to the Non-Executives working in Indoor / offices also. They also demanded that access to other network customers and also to the CUG of Executives should be provided. Management said that this would be looked into.
(12) Inordinate delay in the finalization of disciplinary cases.
Staff Side pointed out that there is inordinate delay in finalising disciplinary cases, which has also resulted in acute delay in the issuing of Presidential Orders, and demanded prompt action on this count. Management replied that the CVO office has already issued letter to all CGMs to finalise disciplinary cases without further delay.
(13) Creation of Section Supervisor posts in the circle / administrative offices.
After detailed discussion, Management suggested to hold separate discussion on this issue. Staff Side agreed.
(14) Independent SSA status for Anantnag and Baramullah.
Staff Side demanded that Anantnag and Baramullah in J&K circle should be granted full SSA status, in view of the fact that TDE and AO are already posted in these places with full administrative and financial powers. Staff Side also pointed out how SSA status has been already granted for smaller districts. Management replied that the proposal to form a separate SSA has come from the CGM J&K, only in respect of Anantnag and that no proposal has come for Baramullah. In respect of Anantnag, Management said that it would be looked into.
(15) Issue of Presidential Orders to TSMs regularized on or after 01.10.2000.
Staff Side pointed out that how POs are not yet issued for a number of TSMs who are regularised on or after 01.10.2000.
Management shared the concern of the Staff Side and told that even 10 days ago a letter had been issued to all the CGMs to forward such cases to the Corporate Office.

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