Promotion of Non-gazetted (Group ‘C’) staff to Non-selection posts – Master Circular

Promotion of Non-gazetted (Group ‘C’) staff to Non-selection posts – Promotion, Policy & Procedure (Master Circular No.37) – Railway Board

(रेलवे बोर्ड RAILWAY BOARD)

No.E(NG)I-2019/PM 1/19

New Delhi, dated October 10, 2019

The General Managers,
All Zonal Railways &
Production Units.
(as per standard mailing list)

Sub: Promotion of Non-gazetted (Group ‘C’) staff to Non-selection posts – Policy & Procedure (Master Circular No.37).

Please find enclosed herewith a copy of updated Master Circular No.37 on the above subject for information and guidance.

DA : As above.

Dy. Director -11/E(NG)I
Railway Board


(रेलवे बोर्ड RAILWAY BOARD)

No.E(NG)I-2019/ PM1/19/Master Circular

New Delhi, dated 23.09.2019

The General Managers,
All Indian Railways,
Production Units & others
(as per standard mailing list).

Sub: Promotion of Non-gazetted (Group ‘C’) staff to Non-selection posts – Policy & Procedure (Master Circular No.37).

At present the orders relating to promotion of non-gazetted (Group ‘C’) staff to non-selection posts are contained in Chapter-II, Section ‘B’ of IREM, 1989 and also in a number of office circulars/letters issued from time to time and Master Circular No. 37 issued in 1991. Updated Master Circular No. 37, incorporating the provisions of instructions issued on the subject till date, is as follows:

2. Promotion:

(i) Promotion includes promotion from lower grade to higher grade, from one class to another class and from one group to another group. (Para 211 of IREM, 1989).

(ii) ‘Non-selection posts’ are posts, grades or classes which have not been declared as ‘selection posts’.

(iii) Declaration of posts as ‘selection’ or ‘non-selection posts’ – The posts are declared as ‘selection’ or ‘non-selection’ for the purpose of promotion by the Railway Board depending upon the requirement of the service.

A Railway servant may be promoted to fill any post only if he is considered fit to perform the duties attached to the post. The Railway Board, General Manager, the Head of Department or the Divisional Railway Manager may prescribe the passing of specific departmental or other tests as condition precedent to a Railway servant being considered fit to hold specified posts, such rules should be published for the information of the staff concerned. (Para 213 of IREM, 1989).

Unless specifically provided otherwise, promotion shall be made without any regard for communal or racial consideration.

2.1 Promotion of persons with disability:– There shall be no discrimination in the matter of promotion merely on ground of physical disability. This will apply to the categories of staff who have been recruited from the open market against the vacancies reserved for recruitment or physically handicapped and the staff who acquire disability during service and are absorbed in suitable alternative employment as per provisions contained in Chapter-XIII. Such staff will be considered for promotion in their turn based on their eligibility and suitability along with others in the selection/ suitability I trade test, for promotion to higher grade post.

3. Procedure for filling Non-selection posts:

3.1 Non-selection posts will be filled by promotion of the senior-most suitable Railway employees, the suitability, whether of individual or a group of employees, being determined by the authority competent to fill the posts on the basis of the record of service and/ or departmental tests, if considered necessary.

3.2 A senior employee may be passed over only if he/she has been declared unfit for holding the post in question.

3.3 When a senior Railway employee is passed over, the authority making the promotion shall record briefly the reasons for such supersession. (E.48/RC l / 18/3 dated 21.11.1953 (Item 2), E(56)/PM1 /12/3 dated 23.03.1956, E(NG)I/80/ PM l / 317 dated 30.12.1980 and para 214 of IREM, 1989).

3.4 If written test is held as the part of suitability, it should be based on 100% objective pattern as per Board’s guidelines issued vide letters No. E(NG)I/2018/ PM l /4 dated 14.12.2018 (RBE No. 196/2018) and dt. 14.06.2019 (RBE No. 97/ 2019).

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