Work From Home for the Officials of Office of CGA – FinMin Order dated 08.05.2021

Due to increase of Covid-19 positive cases, all employees of office of CGA should work from home for another week upto 14.05.2021- FinMin Order dated 08.05.2021

Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
O/o Controller General of Accounts
Mahalekha Niyantrak Bhawan
E-Block, GPO Complex, INA
New Delhi-110023

Dated : 8th May, 2021

Office Order

In continuation of this office order no. CDN/MF.CGA/WFH/2021/2
dated 01.05.2021 and due to the steep increase in Covid-19 positive cases, it has been decided that all categories of employees/ outsourced personnel should Work From Home for another week upto 14.05.2021.

However, if the physical presence of an employee is required in the office, the concerned officer/staff may be asked to attend office during the said period by the concerned Addl.CGA/Jt.CGA.

All the officers and staff are accordingly advised to Work From Home till 14.05.2021. They shall remain available through electronic means for the smooth functioning of the office during this period.

It is required that all officers and staff must maintain record of their own attendance and the work done by them and also share with their Divisional head (ACGA/DCGA) who will monitor the same and ensure that the work of the division continues smoothly.

This issue with the approval of Controller General of Accounts.

(Dr. Richa Pandey)
Asstt. Controller General of Accounts (CDN)

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