Single Window System for Recruitment Rules

Amendment of Recruitment Rules for the post of Training Equipment Operator (TEO) in the pay level-5 of pay matrix in the ISTM

Introduction of single window system for acceptance of proposals for framing/amendment of recruitment rules. Proposals will be submitted every week

DoPT has announced single window system for framing/amendment of recruitment rules


Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievance and Pensions

Department of Personnel and Training

Establishment-I Division

North Block

New Delhi, the 14th July, 2016.

Office Memorandum

Sub: Introduction of single window system for acceptance of proposals for framing/amendment of recruitment rules.

In order to reduce the time cycle in finalisation of proposal relating to framing/amendment of RRs and to streamline the processes involved, it has been decided that henceforth all proposals for framing/amendment of Recruitment Rules (RRs) will be received under single window system.

2. The proposals shall be submitted under the Single Window System on Tuesdays and Thursdays of every week between 10.00 AM to 12.00 Noon. The concerned Under Secretaries of the Administrative Ministry/Department shall attend a meeting with the officers concerned in RR Division of DoP&T on the scheduled day and time. In case the concerned Nodal Officers are not attending office, then the link officer will receive the proposals. The Ministries/Departments may ensure that all the points indicated in the checklist are fulfilled. A copy of the checklist is enclosed at Annexure-I. The work allocation of RR Division of this Department among the three Units including contact details is enclosed at Annexure-II.

3. Only those proposals which are fulfilling all the requirements of the checklist will be processed for providing comments/approvals.

4. This Department .has developed a Web-Based Information System so as to enable the Ministries and Departments to know the current status of consideration /disposal of proposals relating to framing/amendment of Recruitment Rules and Search-cum-Selection Committee. The Departments are requested to visit the website of DoP&T for ascertaining the status of consideration of proposal. The meeting, if any, fixed by the Department of Personnel & Training to discuss regarding the proposals will also be informed through the system.  The Ministries/Departments may continue to follow all the existing instructions on the subject, including consultation with UPSC and Legislative Department.

(Jayanthi G.)

Director (E.I)


Download DoPT OM No.AB-14017110/2016-Estt.RR dated 14.07.2016


1. Whether the proposal has been sent online to DoPT YES/NO/NA
2. Whether the proposal has been freezed by DOPT for sending the same on file


3. If the proposal sent on-line has been freezed, the copy of report in regard to Schedule(Annexure-I) and Annexure-II for Annexure-III, as the case may be enclosed. YES/NO/NA
4. Whether the observations made by DoP&T have been incorporated in the proposal YES/NO/NA
5. Schedule (Annexure-I) enclosed. YES/NO/NA
6.  Annexure-II, if it IS case of framing of RRs enclosed .. YES/NO/NA
7. Annexure-III, if it is a case of amendment of RRs, enclosed YES/NO/NA
8. In case post .created or upgraded, order furnished YES/NO/NA
9. In case post re-designated, order furnished YES/NO/NA
10. In case of addition or abolition of posts, the Order sanctioning additional/new posts or abolition of posts enclosed. YES/NO/NA
11. Hierarchy of chart indicating number of posts in each grade, pay band and Grade Pay and method of recruitment furnished (both existing and proposed) YES/NO/NA
12. Whether initial constitution  clause, where the RRs are framed for the first time and there are officers already holding the posts on regular basis, inserted.


13. Whether the method of recruitment, prescribed by UPSC as one time method of recruitment in absence of RRs .of post(s) intimated.


14. If yes, whether Recruitment Rules for feeder posts enclosed.


15. In case of amendment, whether copy of existing Recruitment Rules furnished


15. Whether RR / Amendment m RRs placed on the website of the Ministry as per DoP&T OM dated


16. Whether comments (consequent to placing of RR proposal on website) received have been properly addressed


17. Whether proposal is referred with the approval of Secretary of the Ministries/Department in terms



Work allocation in RR Division, DoPT

Designation Subject Dealt by the Officer Contact Details
US(RR-1) All matters relating to Ministries/Departments starting with alphabet J to Z Tel:23094254
US(RR-11) All matters relating to Ministries/Departments starting with alphabet F to I Tel:23092564
SO(RR) All matters relating to Ministries/Departments starting with alphabet A to C Tel:23092561
SO(RR-11) All matters relating to Ministries/Departments starting with alphabet D & E Tel:2309256 l