DPC proposal to UPSC


Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions

(Department of Personnel and Training)

New Delhi 110001



Subject:- Furnishing DPC proposal to the UPSC in a time bound manner as laid down in DoP&T OM dated 24.03.2011- Regarding.

The undersigned is directed to invite reference to the Department of Personnel and Training Office Memorandum No. 22011/1/2011-Estt(D) dated March 24, 2011 requesting all the Ministries/Departments to complete all the pending DPC proposals in respect of previous years upto 31.3.2012. It was also impressed upon that for the vacancy years 2012-13 onwards, timeline as prescribed in Model Calendar for DPC circulated vide this Department’s OM No. 22011/9/98-Estt.(D) dated 08.9.1998 should be adhered to for strict compliance. All the Ministries/Departments have been requested from time-to-time for strict compliance of the instructions in order to achieve the desired objectives of timely convening of DPCs/preparation of approved select panels within the prescribed time frame.

2. The Union Public Service Commission has pointed out that while reviewing the up-to-date progress of DPC meetings convened for various Departments in consultation with the UPSC in pursuance of the DoP&T guideline dated 24.03.2011, it was observed that almost 700 posts/grades of the organized services wherein DPCs are convened in consultation with UPSC, in only 40 odd cases panels for the year 2012-13 have been got prepared till June, 2012. Further, in 120 cases the Ministries/Departments have got their approved panels upto the year 2011-12. Most of the Ministries/Departments have failed to submit up-to-date proposals even for the year 2011-12. Further, in some cases no DPC proposals have been received after 2008-09 or even earlier.

3. Another important area required to be addressed is deficient DPC proposals furnished by Ministries/Departments to the UPSC. The UPSC has pointed out that the introduction of Single Window System for accepting only complete proposals has significantly improved the situation, as may be seen from the fact that a record number of  523 DPCs were held under the aegis of the ConiinIssion during the year 2011-12. In comparison, the figures for the previous three financial years are 351,485 and 447 respectively. Further, average time taken for disposal of a DPC case has also drastically come down to 53 days as compared to 120 days taken normally earlier. Significantly, in a number of cases the DPCs were held within a month from the date of receipt of proposal from the Ministries/Departments. Thus needless to say that the deficient proposals also contribute heavily for delay in preparation of approved panels.

4.    These undesirable trends negate the very purpose of Model Calendar for DPCs, prescribed vide this Department’s O.M. No. 22011/9/1998-Estt.(D) dated September 8,1998. Delay in holding the DPCs not only affect the manpower planning in various Ministries/Departments but also impedes the career progression across the board and is the main reason for litigation before CAT and various High Courts.

 5.    All the Ministries/Departments are again counselled to ensure compliance of instructions in order to achieve the desired objectives of timely convening of DPCs/preparation of approved select panels within the prescribed time frame.

 6.    Ministries/Departments are requested to give wide circulation to these instructions to ensure strict adherence to the time-schedule prescribed as per the Model Calendar for DPCs.

(Mukta Goel)


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