DOPT issues Guidelines on National Training Policy

DOPT has issued guidelines to National Training Policy which was formulated by it in the month of January 2012.

The Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT) is nodal agency of Government of India for matters related to training of Civil servants.  To fulfill this mandate the National Training Policy was initiated in the year 1996 and a final policy framework was completed in the year 2012.

The NTP 2012 mandated that h16 Department of Personnel and Training shall issue appropriate quidelines to facilitate the implementation of the Policy.  These guidelines are issued in pursuance of this mandate.

The guidelines for NTP 2012 now issued by DOPT in the Office Memorandum No: 12021/1/2012-Trg.I dated 04.07.2012 are:

(i) Appointment of Training Manager and creation of Training Cell to institutionalize the training and development activities.

(ii) Development of Cadre Training Plan (CTP) by Cadre Controlling Authorities for their respective cadres.  Those cadres who aleady have their CTPs should review them.  The underlying principle of such review should be to provide for training which is need based and linked to the competencies required for their current and future jobs.

(iii) Development of Annual Training Plan by Ministry / Department for all employees working under it.

(iv) Development of domain / sector specific trainers by Ministries / Departments for undertaking large scale training.

(v) Developing training institutions under Ministries / Departments in to ‘Centres of Excellence’.

The detailed guidelines for appointment of Training Manager and development of CTP, ATP, Domain / Sector Specific Trainers and transforming government training institutions in to ‘Centre of Excellence’ are given as annexure to this Office Memorandum dated 04.07.2012. You can download this Office Memorandum  12021/1/2012-Trg.I dated 04.07.2012, using the link below.

Implementation of National Training Policy – Issue of guidelines Part I

Implementation of National Training Policy – Issue of guidelines Part II

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