CBEC Cadre Restructuring – Cabinet Note signed by FM

CBEC Cadre Restructuring – Cabinet Note signed by FM – To be placed before Cabinet on 21.11.2013 or 28.11.2013

The much awaited CBEC Cadre Restructuring will be placed before Cabinet soon as reported by Shri.Ravi Malik, Secretary General All India Association of Central Excise Gazetted Executive Officers in his latest release. According Shri.Ravi Malik, Cabinet Note on CBEC Cadre Restructuring has already signed by FM and the Proposal for CBEC Cadre Resturing is likely to be placed before Cabinet on 21.11.2013 or 28.11.2013

The extract of release by GS, AIACEGEO is as follows.
“CBEC Cadre Restructuring – LATEST CR POSITION

Dear friends,


1. As we all know that DG, HRD of CBEC vide F.NO. 8/B/154/HRD(HRM)/2013 Dt. 03.09.13 asked all CC’s to send the draft notifications for the reorganised set up alogwith jurisdictional map, projection of the requirement of office space & related infrastructure and updating of APAR’s/ACR’s of the officers under their respective charges. All the units & office bearers are requested to pursue the matter for early action with reference to above said letters of DG, HRD and hold the meetings with the concerned CC/Commr, if required.

2. The cabinet note for cadre restructuring is already under process and has been signed today by the FM. It is expected to be placed before the cabinet on 21.11.13 or 28.11.13.

3. On persuasion of the AIB, the CRC headed by the Cabinet Secretary has asked the CBEC to do something more in addition to the CR to remove the stagnation of group B officers. As a result, the National Productivity Council has been hired for this purpose by the CBEC. A meeting was held yesterday with Sh. Suryaprakash, the Director of NPC, on the issue. He was apprised everything and the relevant documents were also handed over to him regarding our stagnation.

4. Friends, no doubt that the creation of more nos. posts of AC, whether regular or temporary, under CR is a great achievement of our AIB. As a result, around 60% of group B officers will enter into group A during coming five years. But this is not our aim. Our aim is to get our officers entered into PB4 which is not possible without our united efforts. So, be well prepared to make all united efforts for the same.

5. All the units are again requested to clear their dues and also donate maximum possible funds to the AIB.


Ravi Malik.


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