Discontinuing Centralised Car Sanction for Purchase of Car through CSD

Improved Budgetary allocation leads to discontinuing of Centralised Car Sanction and the procedure followed prior to Jan 2012 of Car sanctions through CSD depots will be in force.

Army head quarters has issued communication regarding discontinuing Centralised Car Sanction for purchase of Car through CSD. Since the Budgetary allocation improved Army Headquarters advises to follow prior to Jan 2012 of Car sanctions through CSD depots.

Integrated HQ of MOD (Army)
Quartermaster General’s Branch
Dy Dte Gen Canteen Services
Army Headquarters
Room No. 14A, L-1 Block.
Church Road. New Delhi- 110001

Tel : 23093660

No. 96410/Q/DDGCS/                                                                                                         13/July/2015

1. Refer following letters:-

(a) This HQ letter No 96410/Q/DDGCS dated 15 Apr 2011.

(b) This HQ letter No 96410/Q/DDGCS dated 16 Jan 2012

2. Due to budgetary constraints, the car sanction was centralised in Jan 2012. However, due to the improved Budgetary allocations, the centralised Car Sanction by CS Dte on behalf of the QMG is being discontinued with effect from 20 Jul 2015. Individual(s) will process the car sanction through the CSD Depots as hither- to- fore prior to Jan 2012. The new indent form to be submitted to CSD Depot is att at Appx and also can be downloaded from www.csdindia.gov.in/www.indianarmy.nic.in. Guidelines for purchase of four wheeler from CSD is also enclosed.

3. The countersigning authorities and CSD Depots will exercise due diligence while scrutinising the documents to verify the authenticity of applicant and ensure that only eligible category avail this facility as enunciated vide our letter No 95286/SG/Q/DDGCS dated 29 Apr 2015 (Copy att). The onus of correctness of application will be on both applicant and countersigning authority to prevent any misuse/malpractice of this facility. Each application will be vetted by CSD Depot for correctness in all respects. In case any malpractice/misuse is noticed, strict disciplinary action will be initiated.

4. This Letter be given vide publicity including display in the notice boards in Station HQs Zila Sainik Boards and URCs for information of all concerned.

(Vivek Siwach)
Lt Col
Joint Director
Canteen Services

Download Army Headquarters No. 96410/Q/DDGCS/  dated 13.07.2015

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