Cadre Review – List of completion Status in Govt Services

Cadre Review Objectives and list of Cadre Reviews done in last 5 years

Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT) has released the following chart which is containing the details of Cadre Review conducted in various Services as on October 2007. The chart also contains the list of services in which Cadre Review was not conducted on account of non receipt of cadre review proposals from the respective Cadre controlling authorities.

Objectives of Cadre Review:

The main purpose of a cadre review is to restructure a cadre in such a way as to remove the deficiencies which might be existing at the time of the constitution of a service or have crept in subsequently and ensure that the cadre structure satisfies the functional, structural and personnel considerations. Cadre review provides an opportunity to overcome various bottlenecks, remove existing distortions and bring about rationalisation of cadre structure so as to improve the efficiency and morale of the cadre officers and thereby enhance the effectiveness of the Service in the fulfilment of the objectives for which it has been established.

3.4 The major part of the cadre review exercise concerns advance projection of manpower requirements over the review period and the planning of recruitment for this period. Rationalisation of the cadre from the functional, structural and personnel angles is the other major objective of a cadre review. Specifically, the main objectives of cadre review are to:

i) estimate future manpower requirements on a scientific basis for a period of 5 years at a time,

ii) Plan recruitment in such a way as to avoid future promotional blocks and at the same time prevent gaps building up,

iii) so restructure the cadre as to harmonise the functional needs with the legitimate career expectations of its members and thus

iv) to enhance the effectiveness of the service.


Status as on October, 2007

Sl. No. Name of the Service Year of last cadre review
1 Indian Railway Personnel Service 2007 (4th)
2 Indian Postal Service 2006 (5th)
3 Indian Information Service 2006 (3rd)
4 Indian Civil Accounts Service 2005 (4th)
5 Indian Railway Accounts Service 2005 (4th)
6 Indian Railway Traffic Service 2005 (4th)
7 Indian Railway Service of Engg. 2005 (4th)
8 Indian Railway Medical Service 2005 (4th)
9 Indian Economic Service 2005 (3rd)
10 Indian Statistical Service 2005 (2nd)
11 Indian Foreign Service 2004 (4th)
12 Indian Railway of Signal & Tel. Engg. 2004 (4th)
13 Indian Railway Stores Service 2004 (4th)
14 Central Health Service 2004 (3rd)
15 Defence Quality Assurance Service 2004 (3rd)
16 Indian Cost Accounts Service 2004 (2nd)
17 Indian Railway Service of Elec. Engg. 2003 (4th)
18 Indian Railway Service of Mech. Engg. 2003 (4th)
19 Central Labour Service 2003 (1st)
20 Indian Defence Account Service 2002 (4th)
21 Indian Custom & Central Excise Service 2002 (3rd)
22 Railway Protection Force 2002 (3rd)


Status as on October, 2007

Sl. No. Name of the Service Year of last cadre review
1. Indian P&T Bldg. Works Service 1989
2. Indian Telecommunication Service 1988
3. Indian Broadcasting (Programme) Service 1984
4. Indian Broadcasting (Engg.) Service 1981
5. Indian P&T Accounts & Finance Service No proposal received.
6. Defence Research & Development Service No proposal received.


Status as on October, 2007

Sl. No. Name of the Service Year of last cadre review
1. Indian Revenue Service (IT) 2001
2. Indo-Tibetan Border Police 2001
3. Indian Trade Service 1998
4. Defence Aeronautical Quality Assurance Service 1996
5. Indian Defence Estates Service 1995
6. Indian Ordnance Factory Health Service (COMO Cadre) 1995
7. Indian Company Law Service 1995
8. Central Reserve Police Health Service 1994
9. ITBP Health Service 1994
10. Central Water Engg. Service 1991
11. Central Reserve Police Force 1991
12. Indian Ordnance Factory Service 1990
13. Central Power Engg. Service 1990
14. Central Engg. Service (Roads) 1990
15. Central Industrial Security Force 1990
16. Indian Audit & Accounts Service 1989
17. Border Security Force 1989
18. Geological Survey of India 1989
19. Indian Naval Armament Service 1987
20. Indian Legal Service 1987
21. Indian Meteorological Service 1987
22. Survey of India Group ‘A’ Service 1985
23. Border Security Force Health Service 1984

Source: DOPT

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