BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme 2019 – Notification and Guidelines

Clarification on taxability of payments made to retired BSNL employees

BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme- 2019 – Notification of the scheme and circulation of guidelines to facilitate the exercise of option by employees

(A Govt of India Enterprise)

BSNL Corporate Office
Establishment Branch,
PAT Section, 5th floor,
Bharat Sanchar Bhawan
H.C. Mathur Lane,
New Delhi-110001


Dated 04.11.2019


All Heads of Telecom Circles

Sub : BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme- 2019 – Notification of the scheme and circulation of guidelines to facilitate the exercise of option by employees.


In pursuance to the decision of the Union cabinet conveyed by DOT vide OM No. 30-04/2019-PSU Affairs dated 29.10.2019, I am directed to circulate herewith the “BSNL Voluntary Retirement Scheme-2019” as per Annexure-I for information of all concerned and to invite options from employees eligible under the scheme for seeking voluntary retirement as per the provisions of this ‘scheme’.

2. Options for seeking voluntary retirement under this ‘scheme’ shall remain open from 04.11.2019 up to 03.12.2019 (5:30 P.M.). The effective date of voluntary retirement under this scheme will be 31.01.2020(A/N).

3. Employee seeking voluntary retirement under this scheme shall give option in ERP/ ESS portal and take physical printout. Physical copies in triplicate signed by blue ink by the employee concerned shall, be submitted to the concerned administrative office within three days of giving option in ESS.

4. You are requested to give wide publicity to this Scheme to enable all the eligible employees to take an informed decision and exercise the options for VRS within prescribed time period.

5. To facilitate the process, it is, therefore, requested to take following steps for effective implementation of VRS:

a. A ‘Help-Desk’with Computer and ESS connectivity be set up at Circle Office and SSA/SDCA level manned by suitable officer who will provide information and technical assistance to employees to exercise options for this Scheme within time period prescribed.

b. The Controlling Officers at respective levels (Circle/SSA/Smaller Units) be asked to make the employees, under their administrative control, aware of this scheme, and assistance be provided in exercising the options for VRS within the prescribed time period.

c. The employees who are on deputation to other organizations or on authorized long leave or deputed for training in other organization, may be communicated with a copy of this Scheme. Such officers may be provided with necessary assistance for exercising options for this Scheme within the time period and they may be asked to submit duly signed hard copies (in triplicate) of their option to their Administrative Unit. The respective Administrative Unit, in turn, will process their case and intimate the concerned borrowing organizations to repatriate the officer latest by 31.12.2019 who opts for this Scheme.

d. The Administrative Office of the employee will acknowledge the receipt of hard copy of VRS application to the optee under signature of an officer not below the rank of SDE /AO level.

e. The Officer in charge of Service Books is required to verify the correctness and completeness of the entries made by the employees on the VRS option form. If any discrepancy is found, the same may be rectified by the HR administrator in consonance with the service book record, both on ERP as well as the hard copy.

f. Upon successful completion of verification of Option form, the process for vigilance clearance be initiated online by the Administrative Office within two days, and the Vigilance Branch will intimate VC status to the Administrative Office, also within two days.

g. On receipt of vigilance status, Administrative Office will process the case for acceptance of VRS by the Competent Authority, who will decide the case within a week’s time keeping in view the provisions as mentioned in clause 7 (ii) of the VRS Scheme 2019.

h. The employees who are on unauthorized absence and/ or absconding are not to be allowed to exercise the options for this Scheme. Disciplinary action may be initiated against such employees immediately, or complete the proceedings, if ongoing.

6. Additionally, you are also required to arrange to place Bill Boards at Circle Office, Zonal Office, District Office or any other prominent locations indicating the salient features of VRS.

7. You are requested to conduct open house sessions at Circle/SSA/SDCA levels to provide maximum awareness to the employees enabling them to take an informed decision.

8. You are requested to make team of members who will drive this scheme to the lowest level. A copy of Step by Step guide for exercising option by the eligible employees for this scheme is enclosed as Annexure-II.

Encl: As above (Annexure-I and II)

Yours faithfully,

[Sheo Shankar Prasad]
Deputy General Manager [Estt. I]

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