Suggestions for Systemic Changes received from Citizens – Railway Board

Suggestions for Systemic Changes received from Citizens - Railway Board

Suggestions for Systemic Changes received from Citizens during the Vigilance Awareness Week – Railway Board Order 2020/V-1/CVC/9/2 dated 19.03.2021



New Delhi, dt. 19.03.2021

All Zonal Railways/PSU/PUs

Sub: Suggestions for Systemic Changes received from Citizens-reg

Central Vigilance commission (CVC) had initiated a drive to receive suggestions for “Systemic Changes” from the public during the Vigilance Awareness Week. Several suggestions have been received on the CVC portal and among the Suggestions received, two such suggestions pertain to Railways. The suggestions were sent to the respective railways and the railways have already implemented the Suggestions and position sent to CVC accordingly.

Addl, Secretary, CVC vide his D.O. letter dated 26.2.2021 has desired that uniformity be maintained on the webpage of zonal railway vigilance and also reiterated the need for maintaining the website containing certain minimum details of complaint policy, updated and responsive contact numbers and names of Vigilance Officers etc.

As advised by CVC, Zonal Railways may adopt the website format of SCR Some additional features as listed below may also be incorporated to arrive at a uniform comprehensive and user friendly portal.

1. Uniform Webpage is to be maintained for the Vigilance Organisation for Zonal Railways based on the pattern available in the webpage of Vigilance – Department of SCR.

2. Vigilance Organisation structure to be prominently displayed on the website.

3. Dedicated vigilance helpline for registering complaints(139) may be displayed, facility for online complaint with para 506 of IRVM 2018.

4. Provisions be made for Vigilance Bulletin, statistical comendium including contact details of Vigilance Officials like email ids, phone numbers and address for correspondence etc. to be displayed and updated at frequent intervals.

5. Railway Board Vigilance Circulars integrity, pledge IRVM 2018, Do’s and Don’ts may also be displayed to increase awareness among staff and public.

6. Hyperlink to CVC website and Railway Board Vigilance website may be given.

7. Vigilance Functions along with messages from eminent persons may be displayed.

8. Systemic improvements made during the year by each of the departments be brought out on the webpage.

9. Total number of complaint received and disposed of during the year to be brought out on the webpage.

It is hereby, advised that the above instructions/directives be compiled with and the report be sent to Board’s Office, latest by 15.04.2021

Gaurav Sharma
Director Vigilance(Mechanical)
Railway Board

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