Railways Departmental Examination – Consolidated Guidelines for Personnel Officers, Paper Setters & Evaluators

Railway Departmental Examination

Railways Departmental Examination – Consolidated  Guidelines  for Personnel Officers, Paper Setters & Evaluators of Question Papers of written  examinations held as part of 70% Selection/30%  LDCE for  Promotion  from Group ‘C to Group ‘8’ posts

Railway Board Circular on Consolidated  Guidelines  for Personnel Officers, Paper Setters




RBE No:142/2016

No. E(GP)2015/2/8

New Delhi, dt : 28/11/2016

The General Managers,
All Indian Railways and Production Units.

(Kind attn : CPOs)

Sub:   Consolidated  Guidelines  for Personnel Officers, Paper Setters & Evaluators of Question Papers of written  examinations· held as part of 70% Selection/30%  LDCE for  Promotion  from Group ‘C to Group ‘8’ posts

A  Committee was constituted  to  review the  pattern  of  selection held  for promotion to  Group ‘B’  posts on the Railways.    One of the mandates given to the Committee was to review the instructions issued from time to time relating  to evaluation of answer sheets. Accordingly, these instructions have been reviewed by the Committee and in supersession of all existing instructions issued on the subject  including those contained  in  Board’s  letter  no.E(GP)2001/2/32 dated 07/07/2014, it  is  advised that following guidelines may be kept in view while holding Selections/LDCEs for promotion to Group ‘B’  posts:


(i)  Objective type questions will include only Multiple Choice questions and numbering of indicative answers to  these questions and replies to such answers by the candidates should invariably be given in Capital Letters only as per the illustrations given below:-

Question:  Please name the Capital of India


(A) Mumbai

(B) New Delhi

(C) Kolkatta

(D) Chennai

Correct Answer – (B)

(ii) Para 204.2 of IREM Vol-I:

The question  paper for the written test should have a practical  bias i.e.   it should be designed   to test the ability  of candidates to tackle the  practical  problems they  are likely to face rather than their theoretical  knowledge.

(iii) Para 204.3 of  IREM Vol-I:

15 marks out of 150 marks for testing the professional  ability should be set apart for questions on official  language  policy and official  language rules.   While the employees should be encouraged to attempt questions on official language policy and official language rules, the questions on official language should  not be compulsory.

(iv)  The question Paper setter must Invariably provide, in sealed cover, to the Dy.CPO (G)/Dy.CAO (G) the following:
a) important points in respect of narrative type questions.

b) answer key for objective type questions:

Each page of (a) & (b) above should be signed by the Paper Setter.

(i)     Evaluating the answer sheets without the secret numbers  is not allowed.

(ii)     Evaluating the answer sheets with the fly leaves is not allowed.

(iii)   Evaluation of answer-sheets  where the candidate has written his  name on  the answer sheet or where he has made some distinguishing   mark on the answer sheet is not allowed.  Evaluation of answer sheets even where secret numbers are present but the candidate has written  his name etc.  in the other sheets of the· answer book,  is also not allowed.    In case the candidate has violated any of these instructions,  his/her answer-sheets are not to be evaluated.

(iv)  Proper and uniform  evaluation of the answer sheets,  especially for narrative type of answers should  be ensured.  In order  to achieve this  objective,  the   officer evaluating  the answer sheets  before starting the  evaluation,  should  keep ready important points  in respect of narrative type questions  & answer key for objective type questions furnished  by the Paper-setter  and handed   over   to him by the Dy.CPO(G)/Dy.CAO(G)  and then only evaluate the answer sheets with reference to these answers.

(v)       In both the objective type and narrative type answers, there should normally not be any over-writing/erasing of the marks awarded.   However, correction of marks awarded by the evaluator, if genuinely warranted, may be made by striking off the  marks  originally   given   and  entering  the  fresh  marks  duly   attesting   the

(vi)  If any candidate   has answered   questions  in excess  of the  required   number,  the evaluating     officer  should   ignore  the  answers   given    later  as  per   sequence   of attempting  the same.   However,   if  such   questions  stand  evaluated,   only   the marks awarded    against    the  requisite     number   of  answers   attempted    first;  ‘should   be included   in the tabulation  on the top sheet  of the answer  book  and  the later  of the answers  book and later of the  answers should be ignored.

(vii)     After   evaluation    of  answers,   there   should   be  no  failure on  the   part   of  the evaluating officer to  tabulate   the  marks  awarded   for  each   question    on the  top sheet   of  the  answer   book.     This  type  of  tabulation   will   ensure   that  only  the required    number  of questions   that  have  been  answered   are  evaluated   and  the evaluation of  same  question   twice  (if  answered   by  the  candidate)   is  avoided. There  has to be a careful  effort  on the part of the evaluating   officer  that erasing, cutting  or over  writing  in totalling  the marks  granted  to the  candidates   on the top sheet  are avoided.  However,  if genuinely  warranted,   errors  may  be corrected  by striking   off  the  marks  originally   entered   in  the·  table  and  entering   the  correct marks duly attesting the   correction.

(viii)  The evaluating officer  is  fully  responsible   for  totalling   of  marks  in  the  answer scripts  and  also  ensuring  the  correctness   of marks  entered  against  each  secret number.   He will  hand  over  the  following  to  the  Dy.  CPO  (G)/Dy.   CAO(G)  or in their absence  to the officer  nominated  by the General   Manager:
(a)   The  evaluated   answer  sheets  in a sealed  cover  and  the  important  points  & Answer  key,  in a separate  sealed  cover.

(b)  The  statement   of  marks  after  plotting  the  marks  against   respective   secret numbers  in a separate  third  sealed  cover.

(i)    Para  204.5   of  IREM  Vol-I   :    No  moderation   of  the  marks   is  permissible.     No rounding   off is permissible    in marks  for  individual  Answers  for the questions. However, total  marks  in decimal   of  0.5  and  more  should   be  rounded   off to next  higher  integer figure.  Similarly,  total  marks  in  decimal  of less than  0.5, should  be rounded  off to lower integer figure.

(ii)       Para  208.1  of  IREM  Vol-I:  The  answer  papers  of the written  examination   as well as the mark sheets  of viva-voce  should  be marked  with  indelible  ink. Each answer  book should   carry   a  fly   leaf,   Tabulation    Sheet   for  the   Evaluator   and  Guidelines   for  the Candidates. Both fly leaf as well  as the answer book should be stamped ahd signed by the  Gazetted Officer in charge  of conduct of the examination.     The employees   should write  their  names and designations  on  the fly leaf only.    After the  answer books are received from the  employees,  the fly  leaf should  be removed and  allotted a secret number which should also be simultaneously  recorded on  the  corresponding  answer book by Dy. CPO/G or Dy CAO/G. The  answer books should be sent to the examiner with secret numbers alone indicated  on the answer books.  The fly  leaves removed from the answer. books should be carefully preserved in  a  sealed cover,  it being sealed by Dy.CPO(G)/Dy.CAO(G).  The sealed envelope should be kept in the personal custody of the Dy.CPO(G)/Dy.CAO(G). In case of their non-availability,  any other JAG/SG officer may be nominated by the General Manager.

(iii)     The work relating to Hindi  translation of the question papers and evaluation of answer  sheets  of  the  written  examinations  held  as  part  of  LUCE/Selections  for promotion to  Group  ‘B’  posts  should  be entrusted  to  competent  and  experienced officials duly ensuring complete confidentiality.

(iv)     Any distinguishing mark on the answer script would make the answer script invalid.

(v)      Any delay in evaluation   by more than one month should be brought to the notice of the PHOD/HOD by CPO.  Delays of more than two months should be brought to the personal notice of the General Manager by CPO.

(vi)     The answer sheets should   be-preserved  in terms of instructions  contained   in Board’s  letter  no.E(GP)201012127 dated  23.08.2010  (Copy  of  RBE  No.125/2010 enclosed as Annexure-1) and destroyed thereafter as per the extant instructions.

vii)       A copy  of the  Fly-leaf,  Tabulation-Sheet  and  instructions for the  candidates, constituting  Top sheet of the Answer-sheets to be used for examinations  held as part of Group ‘B’  Selections is enclosed as Annexure-11.

It is desired  that the Question Paper Setter and the Evaluating officer should invariably be informed of the latest instructions on the subject.

Please acknowledge receipt.




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