Revision of Channel of Promotion: Medical Department – Pharmacist

Revision of Channel of Promotion: Medical Department – Pharmacist – Railway Board

Railway Board

CATEGORY:- Pharmacist
Assistant Pharmacy Officer Group B
Group-B Level-8 (VII CPC), VI CPC PB-2 + Gr Rs.4800
100% by selection
Medical Classification-Gey-two, Percentage distribution:

Chief Pharmacist

Level-7 (VII CPC), VI CPC PB-2 + Gr Rs.4600
100%PQ by seniority cum suitability with prescribed benchmark
Medical Classification-Gey-two, percentage distribution: 35%
Pharmacist (Non functional Grade)


Level-6 (VII CPC), VI CPC PB-2 + Gr Rs.4200
100%PQ by seniority after 02 years in entry grade
Medical Classification-Cev-two. percentage distribution: 65%
Pharmacist (Entry Grade)
Level-5(VII CPC), VI CPC PB-1 + Gr Rs.2800
100% DR*
Medical Classification-Gey-two, percentage distribution: …


2. Special Remarks and comments

i) Vacancy of Pharmacist in level-5 GP Rs.2800 will be filled by Direct Recruitment through RRB.

ii) * The posts in the grade of Pharmacist in Level-5 will be filled by Direct Recruitment through RRBs. However, Dressers and other staff in Medical Oeptt. possessing the educational qualification prescribed for DR for Pharmacist and are otherwise suitable are to be promoted as such when vacancies arise, in preference to outsiders by General Selection


i) For Percentage distribution of posts – Railway Board’s RBE No. 177/-03, 124/08 & 86/18

ii) For Medical Classification – IRMM 2000 & ACS to para 510 of IRMM 2000 (Rly. Bd’s L.No. 99/H/7/1/NR dt 30/05/2003

3. Educational Qualification for Direct Recruitment where prescribed

Pharmacist-III- Qualification for Direct recruitment as indicated in section 31 & 32 of the Pharmacy Act 48.

AUTHORITY :- !REM 1989 Para 162, RBE No.54/2018.


Revision of channels of Promotion (AVC) of non-gazetted staff of various categories of Medical Department – Railway Board Order

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