Migration of ARPAN to AIMS-IPAS: Railway Board Order RBA No. 14/2024

Migration of ARPAN to AIMS-IPAS: Railway Board Order RBA No. 14/2024

Migration of ARPAN to AIMS-IPAS for Pension Reconciliation, Pre-2016 Revision and Pre-2016 PPO Re-grant module (Family Pension to dependent son/daughter): Railway Board Order RBA No. 14/2024 dated 24.04.2024

भारत सरकार Government of India
रेल मंत्रालय Ministry of Railways
रेलवे बोर्ड (Railway Board)

RBA No. 14/2024

No. 2018/ AC-II/21/2/ ARPAN

New Delhi, dated 24.04.2024

General Manager
All Zonal Railways/ Production Units :

Sub:- Migration of ARPAN to AIMS-IPAS.

Ref: 1. Western Railways’ letter no. PEN/05372/E789/ ARPAN- IPAS dated 05.04.2024
2. Board’s Letter of even no. 2018/AC-II/21/2/ARPAN dated 02.01.2024 (RBA NO. 01/2024)

Attention is invited to Board’s letter cited under (2) ibid wherein it was instructed to carry out the pension reconciliation and pension revision of employees who retired prior to introduction/ operationalisation of IPAS under ARPAN module in IPAS(Ann-A). Now that the ARPAN data base has been migrated to IPAS and modules for Debit Reconciliation, Pre-2016 Revision module (including re-revision of ARPAN PPOs) and Pre-2016 PPO Re-grant module (Family Pension to dependent son/daughter) have been developed under ARPAN module in IPAS, Western Railway has conveyed that the ARPAN application will not be accessible to the existing ARPAN Users hence forth for performing these activities(Ann-B).

Dy. FA(IT)/WR or Sh. Ajay Srivastava,PPE/CRIS may be approached for any support required in the matter.

Signed by Rajat Agarwal
Date: 24-04-2024 18:56:45
Reason: Approved
(Rajat Agarwal)
Jt. Director Finance (CCA
Railway Board
Ph.No. 011-23047018
E mail ID: Rajat.agarwal91[at]gov.in


No. PEN/05372/E789/ARPAN-IPAS



Sub- Migration of ARPAN to AIMS- IPAS

Ref: (i) This office Letter No.. No. PEN/05372/E789/ARPAN-IPAS dt.13-09-2023
(ii). Rly Bd’s Letter No.2018/AC-II/21/2/ARPAN dt.02-01-2024

In continuation with this office letter dt.13-09-2023 and Rly Bd’s letter dt.02-01-2024 cited above, it is hereby informed that consequent upon migration ARPAN data base to IPAS followed by development of the ARPAN modules in IPAS, the ARPAN Application will not be accessible to the existing ARPAN Users anymore, for the following Modules:

(i) Debit Reconciliation Module
(ii) Pre-2016 Revision Module (including re-revision of ARPAN PPOs)
(iii) Pre-2016 PPO Re-Grant Module (Fam. Pen to dependent son/daughter)

Since the above Modules have been developed and deployed Live in IPAS, the activities relating to Reconciliation, Revision and Re-Grant of pre-2016 PPOs, will henceforth be carried out by railways in IPAS (under newly created ARPAN menu in IPAS):

In addition, ARPAN-PPO download facility for railway pensioners has also been made available in public domain at https:/aims.indianrailways.gov.in

In view of the above, the ARPAN Users may kindly be instructed to switch over to IPAS with immediate effect. The creation of Users in IPAS and their Access to the above IPAS-Modules ,may be obtained through local IT Centre/DBA.

(Madhur Agrawal)

Source: Indian Railways

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