Railways calls for application from pensioners to revise PPO

In line with CPAO, Delhi which called for application from all the central government pensioners and family pensioners in order to revise pension payment order in line with implementation of sixth pay commission orders, now railways has also called for similar application from its pensioners to get details in order to revise their pension payment order (PPO).  On such advertisement given by railways (Northern railways) in reproduced below. 

Click the following link to know more about application called for by CPAO from all Central Government Pensioners and family Pensioners

Information called for from Central Government Pensioners

It is also to be noted that this revision of PPO will be applicable for all Railway pensioners and family pensioners.  So pensioners and family pensioners belonging other regions should also submit their information in the following format for the purpose of getting revised PPO

Northern Railway is revising the Pension Payment Order of all Pre 2006 Pensioners/Family Pensioners in terms of the Sixth Pay Commission rules. Revision of all PPOs is compulsory even if pension/family pension is already being drawn at revised rates. Unrevised PPOs do not have new rules of admissibility hence pensioners may have problems in drawing pension/family pension in future like benefit of age based enhanced pension/family pension, new categories of beneficiates in family pension etc.

All Northern Railway pensioners who have not got their PPOs revised as yet may immediately fill up the form below and submit to the Personnel department of the unit from which they retired.

FA&CAO/Pension Northern Railway

Baroda House, New Delhi.


1. Name of the Applicant (In block letters) : —————————————–

2. Full Postal Address: —————————————–

3. Name of the Railway Pensioner & Designation:—————————————–

4. Date of Retirement/death of Railway Servant: —————————————–

5. a) Name of the spouse & DOB (with proof): —————————————–
b) Name of dependent & DOB (with proof): —————————————–
c) Relation with deceased pensioner:
(I) Un married Daughter: —————————————–
(ii) Widow/Divorce daughter: —————————————-
(iii) Handicapped son/daughter: —————————————–
(iv) Wholly dependent parents: —————————————–
(y) Disabled Siblings: —————————————–
(vi) Any Other: ——————————————

6. Date from which Pension/Family Pension is drawn: —————————————–

7. PPO No. : —————————————–

8. Pay Scale & Last Pay: —————————————–

9. Name of the authority which Issued PPO (copy enclosed): —————————————–

10. Name of the Bank & address A/c No.: —————————————–

11. Documents required: —————————————–
a) Copy of PPO at the time of retirement
b) Revised PPO as on 01.01.1996
c) Proof of date of birth of spouse


(Pensioners/Family Pensioner / Dependent)

Place : ——————–
Date :———————

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