Obtaining of PPO Number for pension cases not processed through Pension Module of PFMS: CPAO

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Obtaining of PPO Number in respect of the pension cases not processed through Pension Module of PFMS: CPAO OM dated 06.09.2021

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Subject: Regarding obtaining of PPO Number in respect of the pension cases not processed through Pension Module of PFMS.

Central Pension Accounting Office vide circular dated 07.02.2020 had stopped the allotment of PPO numbers through its website to PAOs where Pension Module of PFMS had been activated. Such PAOs are required to submit the pension cases through PFMS only (with some exceptions).

With regard to PAOs where Pension Module of PFMS are not activated, the PPO Number is allotted manually by CPAO in the following category of cases:

  • Disability/Family Pension under EOP Rules.
  • Family Pension to more than one person like twins, more than one widow (Rule 57).
  • Issue of alternate PPO- Capturing of information regarding cancellation of PPO and issue of new PPO to another family member (In case the old PPO is required to be cancelled in CPAO database the certificate regarding receipt of both halves of PPO in PAO custody and cancelled should be recorded).
  • Provision to handle the cases where pensioner expired immediately after retirement and before filing Pension Papers.
  • Pension case pertaining to those employees who are getting provisional pension and gets regular pension on a later date.
  • Pension cases of those employees which are being handled after completion of more than one year and Provision for payment of arrear of pension.
  • Dual Family pension case.
  • Allotment of PPO No. for NPS-AR pensioners (Details such as NPS case & PRAN No. must be recorded on the proforma).

While receiving the PPO No. allotment requests from PAOs in respect of the above mentioned cases, it is noticed that various important mandatory details are not being provided by the PAOs resulting in delay in allotment of PPO Number.

In view of the above, the Pr. CCAs/CCAs/CAs (with independent charge) of all the Ministries are requested to direct the PAOs to verify the following while sending the PPO allotment requests to CPAO:

  • The old PPO No. should be cancelled before sending the new PPO No. allotment request.
  • All the details mentioned in the proforma should be provided (Revised allotment proforma is attached).
  • The Proforma should be duly signed and stamped by the competent authority.
  • There should be no error in the name of the pensioner against whom the number is to be issued.
  • The scanned PAN card copy should be clear and legible.
  • PAOs should use only the official gov/nic e-mail id.

This issues with the approval of the Chief Controller (Pensions).

Sr. Accounts Officer (IT & Tech)

1. All Pr. CCAs/CCAs/CAs/AGs(as per list) with the request to issue direction to their PAOs accordingly

Copy to:-

1. PS to CC (P), CPAO, New Delhi

2. Sr. TD(NIC), CPAO, New Delhi

3. PA to ACA, CPAO, New Delhi

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