Fixed Medical Allowance to Daughters in receipt of Family Pension

Fixed Medical Allowance to Widowed or Divorced or Unmarried Daughter who are getting Family Pension – Railway Board Order

(Railway Board)

S.No. PC-V/507

No. PC-V/2011/A/Med/1

RBE 69/2014

New Delhi dated 7-07-2014

The General Manager

All Indian Railways & PUs

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Sub:- Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance to Widowed / Divorced / Unmarried daughter in receipt of family pension- clarification reg.

Some references pointing out doubts regarding admissibility of Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) to Widowed/Divorced/Unmarried daughter in receipt of family pension has been received in Board’s office. In this context, attention is invited to Board’s letter No. PC-V/98/I/7/1/1 dt. 21-4-1999 and 01-03-2004 whereby sanction of the President has been accorded to grant of Fixed Medical Allowance to Railway pensioners/ family pensioners residing beyond 2.5 Kms from a Railway hospital/Health Units subject to fulfillment of conditions laid down therein.
From the above, it is evident that Widowed/divorced/unmarried daughters in receipt of family pension being family pensioner are already covered by relevant instructions and may be extended benefit of grant of FMA provided they fulfill all other terms and conditions in this regard.
As regard the date of eligibility for grant of Fixed Medical Allowance to Family Pensioners, it is clarified that in cases where the existing pensioner/family pensioner was in receipt of Fixed Medical Allowance, the family pensioner next-in-line may be allowed Fixed Medical Allowance from the same date from which he/she becomes eligible for family pension, if he/she otherwise fulfills the conditions for grant of Fixed Medical Allowance.

This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.


(N.P. Singh)

Dy. Director, Pay Commission-V

Railway Board.

Download Railway Board Order RBE 69/2014 dated 07.07.2014

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