GDS Postal Employees protest over Pay hike – Country wide Agitation planned

GDS Postal Employees protest over Pay hike - Country wide Agitation planned

GDS Postal Employees protest over Pay hike – GDS JCA decided Three phase countrywide agitational programme to settle the charter of demands 


No.GDS JCA/CHQ/6-3/ Programme /2018

Dt. 24-09-2018


The Secretary,
Department of posts,
Dak Bhawan,
New Delhi-1

Sub:- Observance of three phase countrywide agitational programme by GDS JCA


As you are aware non-implementation of positive and basic recommendations of Kamlesh Chandra committee on G.D.S Employees viz., implementation with effect from 01st of January 2016, gratuity Revision, SDBS/pension, 30 days paid leave, Enhancement of composite allowance, financial up gradation on completion of 12, 24 and 36 years of service etc. has generated resentment and discontentment among the G.D.S employees. It is pertinent to mention here that although discussions were held at Directorate, I am sorry to state that no progress is observed so far on any of the issues. Under the circumstances we are compelled to observe three phase fast Programme of agitation.

The above three GDS Unions, JCA decided the following countrywide agitational programme to settle the charter of demands.

Agitational programmes:

  1. 25-09-2018 : One day country wide hunger fast infront of Divisional Offices
  2. 04-10-2018 : One day country wide hunger fast in front of Circle Offices.
  3. 10-10-2018 : One day massive hunger fast in New Delhi.


1) GDS committee report as a whole be implemented with effect from 01st of January 2016.

2) Change the formula already adopted for calculation of arrears.

3) Change of upper limit of gratuity from Rs 1,50,000/- to Rs 5,00,000/-

(a) GIS limit should be enhanced to Rs.5,00,000 with the subscription of Rs.500/-

4) 10% of the TRCA of the GDS should be recovered towards SDBS contribution and the Government to contribute equal share.

(a) And also EPF Scheme to be introduced to GDS as recommended by the GDS Committee. This was also recommended by the previous GDS Committees.

5) GDS should be granted 30 days paid leave in a year and the leave should be allowed to be carry forward subjected to the maximum of 180 days and provide encashment of the leave.

6) Grant Children Education allowance Rs.6000/- per child per Annum.

7) Enhance composite allowance to the BPMs from Rs.500/- to Rs 1600/- Also grant composite allowance to ABPMs & GDS working in classified cities and the GDS working in Departmental Offices etc., wherever applicable.

8) GDS employees should be granted financial up gradation on completion of 12, 24 and 36 years of service in the form of grant of additional increments.

(a) Point to point fixation to be ordered instead of bunching of TRCA scales.

9) Limited transfer facility to GDS on request should be relaxed. There shall not be any drop in wage scale on account of a request transfer. The transfer of GDS will be approved by Divisional head if the transfer is within the Division, by regional PMG if it is within the region by HOC if the transfer is within the Circle.

10) Voluntary discharge schemes for the GDSs: 3 types of voluntary discharge schemes as recommended by GDS committee for the GDSs’ who are willing to quit the post before the discharge at the age of 65 years should be implemented.

11) All discharge benefits (retirement benefits) should be implemented retrospectively, w.e.f 01 January 2016.

12) Put off duty may be averted by transferring the GDS to another place.

13) Incentive system should be abolished for India post payment bank (IPPB) work. Enhance the working hours of branch post office and GDS officials concerned after introducing the IPPB.

14) GDSs’ should be allowed to get discharge from the service on the last day of the month in which He/She attains the 65 years of the age.

15) All single handed branch post offices should be provided with one more hand to upgrade to double handed office.

16) Employees’ state Insurance ( ESI) facility to be extended to Grameen Dak Sevaks wherever E.S.I dispensaries and hospitals are available the country.

The programme will be a peaceful one.

This is for your kind information.

With regards,

Yours Faithfully,

General Secretary

General Secretary

General Secretary