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25% increase in Allowances whenever DA goes up by 50%

25% increase in Allowances whenever DA goes up by 50% – Whether Separate Orders Needed ?

As per the recommendations of Sixth Pay Commission Report, Government included a clause while granting / revising certain allowances such as Children Education Allowance, Travelling Allowance, Conveyance Allowance, Cash handling allowance, Risk Allowance, Bad Climate Allowance, Hill Area Allowance, Remote Locality Allowance, Tribal Area Allowances etc to the etc that whenever Dearness Allowance applicable to Central Government employees goes up by 50%, these allowances would be automatically increased by 25%.

We are getting repeated queries from readers whether any Separate orders will be issued by Government for increasing Allowance by 25% which are linked with increase in DA, since Dearness Allowance has gone up by 50% for the second time now. We are of the opinion that there is no need for Separate orders for increasing these Allowances by 25% as Office Memorandums / Orders relating to these Allowances have the clause “whenever Dearness Allowance applicable to Central Government employees  goes up by 50%, these allowances would be automatically increased by 25%

The following Table provides the quantum of increase in Allowances linked with increase in DA

Name of the Allowances & Advances Original Allowance as per 6CPC Existing amount of Allowance after DA increases by 50% Revised Allowances per month if DA increases by 100%
Children Education Allowance Rs.1000 Rs.1250 Rs. 1500
Hostel SubsidyAllowance Rs.3,000 Rs.3,750 Rs. 4500
Special Compensatory Hill Area Allowance Rs.600 / Rs.480 Rs.750 / Rs.600 Rs. 900 / 720
Special Compensatory Scheduled / Tribal Area Allowance Rs.400 / Rs.240 Rs.500 / Rs.300 Rs. 600 / 450
Project Allowance Rs.1,500 / Rs.1,000 Rs.1,875 /Rs.1,250 Rs. 2250 / 1500
Speical Compensatory (Remote Locality)Allowance Rs.2,600 /Rs.2,100 /Rs.1,500 /Rs.400 Rs. 3,250 /Rs.2,625 /Rs.1,875 / Rs.500 Rs. 3900 / 3150 / 2250 / 600
Cycle Maintenance Allowance Rs.60 (Per month) Rs.75 (Per month) Rs.90
Mileage for road journey/all components of daily allowance on tour/reimbursement for transfer of personal effects Rs.500 / Rs.300 / Rs.200 / Rs.150 / Rs.100 Rs.625 / Rs.375 / Rs.250 / Rs.190 / Rs.125 (TA for personal effects-Rs.22.50 per km / Rs. 11.25 per km / Rs.6.90 per km) Rs.555 / 450 / 300 / 225 / 150(TA for personal Effects – Rs. 27 per km / 13.50 per km / 6.90 per km)
Rates of Fixed Conveyance Allowance under SR-25 (Motor Car) Rs.1,120 / Rs.1,680 / Rs.2,070 / Rs.2,430 / Rs.3,000 Rs.1,400 / Rs.2,100 / Rs.2,590 / Rs.3,040 / Rs.3,750 Rs.1680 / 2520 / 3105 / 3645 / 4500
Rates of Fixed Conveyance Allowance under SR-25 (Other modes) Rs.370 / Rs.480 / Rs.640 / Rs.750 / Rs.850 Rs. 470 / Rs.600 / Rs.800 / Rs.940 / Rs.1,070 Rs.555 / 720 / 960 / 1125 / 1275
Washing Allowance Rs.60 Rs.75 Rs.90
Split Duty Allowance Rs.200 Rs.250 Rs.300
Spl. Allowance for Child Care for Women with Disabilities and Education Allowance for disabled children Rs.1,000 per month Rs.1,250 per month Rs.1500
Cash Handling Allowance Rs.600 / Rs.500 / Rs.400 / Rs.300 / Rs.150 Rs.750 / Rs.625 / Rs.500 / Rs.375 / Rs.190 Rs.900 / 750 / 600 / 450 / 225
Risk Allowance DOPT 21012/1/2008-Estt.(Allowance) 12.3.2009 To be announced
Postgraduate Allowance Rs.1,000 / Rs.600 Rs.1,250 / Rs.750 Rs. 1500 / 900
Desk Allowance Rs.600 Rs.750 Rs.900
Bad Climate Allowance Rs.400 / Rs.240 Rs.500 / Rs.300 Rs.600 / 360
Advances for purchase of Bicycle Rs.3,000 Rs.3,750 Rs.4500
Advances for purchase of Warm clothing Rs.3,000 Rs.3,750 Rs.4500
Festival Advance Rs.3,000 Rs.3,750 Rs.4500
Natural Calamity Advance Rs.3,000 Rs.3,750 Rs.4500

Read the following Orders / Office Memorandums in respect of Allowances linked with increase in DA

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