Advisory on Pay & Allowances related issues – TA/DA/LTC Claim of Officers: Integrated HQ of MoD (Army)

Revision of rates of Allowances with DA rates increased to 50% - Clarification: CGDA

Advisory on Pay & Allowances related issues – TA/DA/LTC Claim of Officers: Integrated HQ of MoD (Army)


Integrated HQ of MoD (Army)
AG’s Branch
Standing Army Pay Commission Section
Brassey Avenue, Church Rd
New Delhi-110001


30 Mar 2022

Southern Command (A) HQ 1 Corps (A) HQ 15 Corps (A)
Eastern Command (A) HQ 2 Corps (A) HQ 16 Corps (A)
Western Command (A) HQ 3 Corps (A) HQ 17 Corps (A)
Central Command (A) HQ 4 Corps (A) HQ 21 Corps (A)
Northern Command (A) HQ 9 Corps (A) HQ 33 Corps (A) .
South Western Command (A) HQ 10 Corps (A) HQ 12 Corps (A) :
ARTRAC (A) HQ 11 Corps (A) HQ 14 Corps (A).
Andaman & Nicobar Command (A) HQ Strategic Forces Command (A)


1. Issue pertaining to restriction/rejection on pay & allces by the paying auth were taken up with HQ Defence Account Department (DAD)/HQ CGDA for resolution. Detis are as given in succeeding paras.

2. Reimbursement of Hotel Accn /Guest Room charges. Hotel Accn /Guest room charges are entitled to Def pers as per MoD letter No 12630/Mov Ci24e D(Mov)/2017 dt 15 Sep 2017 as under:-

(a) Reimbursement upto ₹7,500+GST per day, ₹4,500+GST per day and ₹2,250+GST per day is permitted for Maj Gen and above, Brig to Lt Col and Maj to Lt to Maj respectively. However, reimbursement of these charges were being restricted to max of ₹2,000 quoting letter of QMG Br (an internal circulation).

(b) It has now been clarified by HQ DAD that entitlement of the subject charges will be strictly based on MoD letter ibid.

(c) Admissibility of the allces w/o vouchers/ on production of voucher is as mentioned at Para 2 (E) (ii) of MoD letter dated 15 Sep 2017.

3. Road Mileage Alice (RMA) Admissibility of Road Mileage Allce is as per Para 2 (D) of MoD letter dt 15 Sep 2017 as under :-

(a) Reimbursement on per km basis from starting point as per prescribed rates of Dte of Tpt of the State or the neighbouring States.

(b) Restrictions were being placed on these claims based on veh unladen weight.

(c) It has now been confirmed by HQ DAD that reimbursement will be on per km basis from starting point as per prescribed rates of Dte of Tpt of the State or the neighbouring States. In case such prescribed rates are not specified, rates as given at Para 2 (D) (ii) of MoD letter would apply.

(d) In order to confirm ownership of the veh, relevant docus of the veh, if sought, must be provided for admitting the claim in audit.

4. Ex-post-facto Sanction for Time Barred TA/DA/LTC claims. – Claims for travelling allce of tour / transfer / training/ journey on retirement etc including LTC, not preferred within 60 and 30 days for LTC if adv drawn, succeeding the completion of journey, are deemed forfeited under normal circumstances as per GFR 2017 provisions. Claims were rejected due to non adherence of timelines of submission and case was taken up with HQ DAD with an SOP under FR Para 188. HQ DAD has agreed with the proposed SOP as under:-

(a) Provisions are given to process time barred cases beyond 60 days upto three years by Head of the Department (All Fmn Cdrs and ADG level offrs at Army HQ) as per provisions of Rule 188 of FR-I, Vol-I. Detailed instrs is being issued by DG OL/SM to the envt.

(b) In case adv is drawn and claim is not submitted within stipulated time frame, it shall be recovered till such time fresh claim with time barred sanction is submitted.

(c) The powers of time barred sanction shall be ex by the Head of Department in concurrence with associated IFAs, hence, due care should be taken in ex the powers which should not become a routine ex. Genuineness of the reasons for delay in submitting the claims must be checked before granting ex-post-facto sanction.

5. Comd /Corps HQs/Line Dtes are requested to disseminate the contents of this letter to all lower unit/fmn/est for info and necessary action. Envt may also be sensitised not to do any direct correspondence with HQ DAD/CGDA office and in case of any issue/ representation/grievance, this HQ be apch for taking up case at appropriate level. HQ DAD is more than willing to resolve all queries within the ambit of Govt provisions and take necessary remedial action in case of any discrepancies of service.

(Akhil Kumar Singh)
Col Army Pay Commission Sec
for Adjutant General


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