LTC for Central Government Employees after 7th Pay Commission Implementation

Leave Travel Concession after implementation of 7th Pay Commission Report –  A revisit on LTC for Central Government Employees

E-version of Many of National Daily Newspapers reported in the month of September 2017 to the effect that after implementation of 7th Pay Commission recommendations Daily Allowance would not be granted when Central Government Employees avail Leave Travel Concession.

Checkout following news items:

Central govt employees will no longer get daily allowance on Leave Travel Concession

No Daily Allowance On Leave Travel Concession For Government Staff

However, Daily Allowance was not paid even before implementation of 7th Pay Commission,  The subject OM dated 19.09.2017 contained this condition to specifically provide that Daily Allowance payable on official tour will not be applicable while availing LTC.

Checkout OM No. 31011/8/2017-Estt.A-IV dated 19.09.2017: 7th Pay Commission Travel Entitlement while availing LTC

Except the following two additional benefits, LTC before and after implementation of 7th CPC are one and the same.

  1. In the case of journey between the places not connected by any public / Government means of transport, Employees can travel by private / Personal transport up to 100 KM on the basis of self declaration.
  2. Travel by Premium trains such as Suvidha, Rajdhani, etc are allowed under LTC now.  Dynamic fare and Tatkal Fare tickets are allowed for reimbursement under LTC.

The most expected benefit of allowing air travel reimbursement under LTC to Employees with basic pay from Level 6 of Pay Matrix as in the case of travel entitlement on official tour was not considered by Govt. Instead, Air Travel on LTC will be allowed only in respect of Employees drawing Pay from Level 9 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix.  Prior to implementation of 7th CPC also, Employees drawing GP from Rs. 5400 in PB-2 and above (which is equivalent to Level 9 now) were entitled to air travel on LTC,


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