Early Closure of Offices on the eve of Republic day 2015

Early Closure of Offices in connection with Republic Day Parade and Beating Retreat Ceremony during 2015

No.16/1/2014-JCA 2

Government of India

Ministry of Personnel Public Grievances and Pensions

(Department of Personnel and Training)

North Block, New Delhi

Dated the 19th January, 2015


Sub: Early Closure of Offices in connection with Republic Day Parade and Beating Retreat Ceremony during 2015.

In connection with arrangements for the Republic Day Parade and Beating Retreat Ceremony, 2015, it has been decided that the Government offices located in the buildings indicated in Annexure-I would be closed early at 13:00 hrs. on 25th January, 2015 (Sunday) and buildings indicated in Annexure-II would be closed early at 12:00 Noon on 29th January, 2015 (Thursday).

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Director (JCA)


Buildings to be closed on 25.01.2015 (Sunday) at 13:00 hrs.

1 South Block Pt. Street
2 North Block Pt. Street
3 Parliament House Pt. Street
4 Rail Bhawan Pt. Street
5 CSIR Building Pt. Street
6 Door Darshan Tower Pt. Street
7 Sanchar Bhawan Pt. Street
8 Krishi Bhawan Pt. Street
9 Shastri Bhawan Pt. Street
10 National Archives Pt. Street
11 Indira Gandhi National Centre for Art Pt. Street
12 Rashtrapati Bhawan Pt. Street
13 National Media Centre Pt. Street
14 Shraxn Shakti Bhawan Pt. Street
15 Jawahar Bhawan Pt. Street
16 Red Cross Building Pt. Street
17 Transport Bhawan Pt. Street
18 AIFACS Pt. Street
19 State Bank Of India Pt. Street
20 Sardar Patel Bhawan Pt. Street
21 Jeevan Vihar Pt. Street
22 Jeevan Deep Pt. Street
23 Jeevan Tara Pt. Street
24 Dak Bhawan Pt. Street
25 Niti Ayog Pt. Street
26 PNB Bank Pt. Street
27 UCO Bank Pt. Street
28 Election Commission Of India Pt. Street
29 AIR India Office Pt. Street
30 Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) Pt. Street
31 Hutments (MoD Office) Dalhousie Road Ch. Puri
32 DRDO Bhawan Ch.Puri
33 Vayu Bhawan Tugh. Road
34 Hutments on Moti Lal Nehru 25ARGO PP.Vayu Bhawan Tugh. Road
35 Sena Bhawan Tugh. Road
36 Udyog Bhawan Tugh. Road
37 Nirman Bhawan Tugh. Road
38 National Museum Tugh. Road
39 Vigyan Bhawan Tugh. Road
40 Vigyan Bhawan Annexe Tugh. Road
41 Jawahar Lal Nehru Bhawan (MEA Office) Tugh. Road
42 Archaeological Survey of India Tugh. Road
43 CCA, M/o Agriculture, 16-A, Akbar Road Tilak Marg.
44 Archaeological Survey of India (Under Construction at ‘W’ Point Tilak Marg
45 PAO, 16-Mansingh Road Tilak Marg
46 UPSC Building Tilak Marg
47 Kota House Tilak Marg
48 Jam Nagar House Tilak Marg
49 Delhi Legal Service AuthoritylDLSA) Tilak Marg
50 MEA Office, Passport Department (Tilak Marg) Tilak Marg
51 Raksha Bhawan Tilak Marg
52 CAT Building Tilak Marg
53 Faridkot House Tilak Marg
54 Hyderabad House Tilak Marg
55 Kapoorthala House Tilak Marg
56 National Stadium Tilak Marg
57 Coast Guard HQ Tilak Marg
58 Territorial Army Unit Tilak Marg
59 National Gallery of Modern Art Tilak Marg
60 Baroda House Tilak Marg
61 College of Art Tilak Marg
62 Bikaner House Tilak Marg
63 Jaisalmer House Tilak Marg
64 Krishna Menon Bhawan, Bhagwan Das Road Tilak Marg
65 Bikaner House Annexe Tilak Marg
66 Jodhpur Hostel Tilak Marg
67 Princess Park Hostel Tilak Marg
68 Jeewan Bharti Building Con.Place
69 NDMC Building, Palika Kendra Con.Place
70 Janpath Bhawan Con.Place
71 Bank of Baroda Con.Place

Buildings to be closed on 29.01.2015 (Thursday) at 12:00 Noon.

1 South Block Pt. Street
2 North Block Pt. Street
3 Rashtrapati Bhawan Pt. Street
4 Parliament House Pt. Street
5 Rail Bhawan Pt. Street
6 Krishi Bhawan Pt. Street
7 Shastri Bhawan. Pt. Street
8 National Archives Pt. Street
9 Sanchar Bhawan Pt. Street
10 Indira Gandhi National Centre For Art Pt. Street
11 Sena Bhawan Tugh. Rd.
12 Vayu Bhawan Tugh. Rd.
13 Vigyan Bhawan Tugh. Rd.
14 Vigyan Bhawan Annexe Tugh. Rd.
15 Udyog Bhawan Tugh. Rd.
16 Nirman Bhawan Tugh. Rd.
17 Jawahar Lal Nehru Bhawan (MEA Office) Tugh. Rd.
18 Archaeological Survey of India Tugh. Rd.
19 National Museum Tugh. Rd.
20 Hutments onl Moti Lal Nehru Marg Opp.Vayu Tugh. Rd.Bhawan Tugh. Rd.
21 Hutments (MoD Office) Dalhousie Road Ch.Puri
22 DRDO Bhawan Ch.Puri
23 NDMC Tower Con.Pl.
24 Raksha Bhawan Tilak Mg.
25 PAO, 16-MAN Singh Road Tilak Mg.
26 National Stadium Tilak Mg.
27 Coast Guard HQ Tilak Mg.
28 Territorial Army Unit Tilak Mg.

Download DOPT Office Memorandum No.16/1/2014-JCA 2 dated 19.01.2015

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