Ordinance Factory Employees to get 30days Earned Leave (EL)

Ordinance Factory Employees to get 30 days Earned Leave (EL) irrespective of option

Ministry of Defence


Sub : Entitlement of 30days E/L irrespective of option in respect of Industrial Employees of OFs

   I am directed to refer to OFB I.D. No 265/A/A dated 19.02.2013 and 01.08.2013 on the subject mentioned above. The matter has been examined in consultation with D(Civ-II) and they opined that DopT OM dated 20.07.1998 inter alia provides ….”As per the agreement with the staff side of National Counsel (JCM) signed on 11.09.1997,the govt. has decided that henceforth the Industrial Employees in Central Government Department other than Railways shall be entitled to 30 Days EL for each completed year of service irrespective of the number of years of service rendered by the employee, subject to the holidays shall also count towards such Leave”.

   The matter had also been consulted with Ministry of Labour and they have also opined that the Industrial workers employed in Ordnance Factories are entitled to 30 days Annual Leave with wages as per the terms of agreement. Further even Section -78 of the Factories Act 1948 allows leave beyond 18 days for each year of service rendered once an agreement to this effect is in place. Accordingly , it would be applicable to all the OF Industrial Employees

   In view of above clarifications the entitlement of Earned Leave available to the employees of Ordnance Factories may henceforth be dealt accordingly

Source: Indian National Defence Workers Federation

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