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General Pool Residence applicable for various Grade pays

In pursuance of the provisions of the Rule 45 of the Fundamental Rules the President hereby makes the following Rules further to amend the Allotment of Government Residences (General Pool of Delhi) Rules 1963 namely-

1. Short Title and Commencement:

These rules may be called the Allotment of Government Residences (General Pool Delhi) Amendment Rules, 2009

2. Substitution of new supplementary Rules for Supplementary Rules 317-B-5:

In the Allotment of Residences (General Pool Delhi) Rules, 1963, for supplementary Rule-317-B-5, the following Supplementary Rules shall be substituted namely:-

"Classification of residences, S.R.317-B-5

(1) Save as otherwise provided by these rules on officer shall be eligible for allotment of residence of the type shown(1) of the Table below:


Type of Residences Grade Pay/Basic Pay
I Rs. 1,300, Rs.1,400, Rs.1,600, Rs.1650 and Rs.1800
II Rs.1900, Rs.2,000, Rs.2400, and Rs.2,800
III Rs.4200, Rs.4600, and Rs.4800
IV Rs.5400 to Rs.6,600
IV(spl) Rs. 6600
V-A(D-II) Rs.7,600 and Rs 8000
V-B (D-I) Rs.8700 and Rs.8900
VI-A (C-II) Rs.10,000
VI-B (C-I) Basic pay – Rs.67,000 to Rs.74,999
VII Basic Pay – Rs.75000 to Rs.79,999
VIII Basic Pay- Rs.80,000 and above

Save as otherwise provided by these rules an officer shall be eligible for allotment of type of hostel accomodation as shown in column(I) of the table below


Type of Hostel Category of officer or his grade pay as on such date may be specified by Central Government for the purpose
Single Suite (Without kitchen) Rs.4200 and above
Singlw Suite (With Kitchen) Rs.4200 and above
Double Suite Rs.5400 and above
Working Girl Hostel All lady officers without limit of emoluments shall be eligible

For more details Download Directorate of Estates Notification dated 21.08.2009

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