DOPT to issue new guidelines for Probation-Calls for opinion

The period of probation to be prescribed for different posts/services in Central Government have been laid down in this Department’s 0M. No. F 44/1/59-Ests.(A) dated 15.4 1959 as amended from time to time.

With a view to prevent Government servants from becoming possible victims of arbitrary actions or inordinate delay in considering completion of probation/confirmation, the existing instructions on provisions regarding probation in the service recruitment rules relating to Central Civil Services and Posts have been reviewed. It is proposed that in the service/recruitment rules for all Central Civil Services and Posts, in addition to the period of probation, wherever prescribed, corresponding provisions as envisaged in the draft guidelines enclosed herewith, may be incorporated in consultation with this Department.

Before the guidelines in the draft O.M. is finalized, all Cadre Controlling Authorities are requested to offer their comments / views in this regard, if any. by 8.10.2011 to the undersigned or by e-mail at [email protected]


 This is Text of the Draft Memorandum to be issued by DOPT on probation:


Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievanccs & Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)


New Delhi 110001
Dated: September 2011




SUBJECT: Probation in various Central Civil Services.


The undersigned in directed to say that the period of probation to be preseribed for different posts/services in Centrai Government have been laid down in this Department’s O M No.F 44/1/59-Ests(A) dated 15.4 1959 as amended from time to time. Although instructions exist to the effect that save for exceptional reasons probation should not be extended for more than a year and no employee should be kept on probation for more than double the normal period apart from instructions for timely action on completion of probation/confirmation, these are not invariably followed.


2. With a view to prevent Government servants from becoming possible victims of arbitrary actions or inordinate delay in considering completion of probation/confirmation, the existing instructions on provisions regarding probation in the service/recruitment rules relating to Central Civil Services and Posts have been reviewed, lt has now been decided that:


(i) 1f during the period of probation, a probationer has not undergone the requisite training course or passed the requisite departmental examinations. if any prescribed, or has not been on duty/training for at least 75% of the probation period the period of probation may be extended by such period or periods as may be necessary subject to the condition that the total period of probation does not exceed double the prescribed period of probation except in the cases mentioned in (ii) below:


(ii) the period of probation may be extended for such period as the Central Govcrmnent may think fit in the circumstances of the case in respect of a probationer who is:
(a) under suspension
(b) against whom disciplinary proceedings are pending: or
(c) against whom prosecution for criminal charge is pending


(iii) Where a probationer who has completed the period of probation to the satisfaction of the Central Government is required to be confirmed, he shall be confirmed in the Services/Post at the end of his period of probation, having been completed satisfactorily. In such cases, where no order extending the probation period has been issued and no order of confirmation is issued within one year of completion of the prescribed period of probation, the probationer would be deemed to be confirmed in the service/ post.


3. In the Service/Recruitment Rules for all Central Civil Services and Posts, in addition to the period of probation. wherever prescribed, corresponding provisions, as in para 2 above, may be incorporated in consultation with this Department in the light of the above instructions.


For more details Check DOPT office Memorandum No.18011/1/2010-Estt.(C) dated 08.09.2011


  1. Are there any clear guidelines about recruitment of married women-employees who are pregnant at the time of recruitment or who become pregnant during probation period/remain on maternity leave during probation? Can their probation be confirmed even if they are on ML or extended ML?

  2. 1. As per the order of the DOPT of dated 22.06.2011 Govt.has decided to create a grade pay of Rs.4200/-(non functional Selection Grade to the CSCS and CSSS cadre UDC after completion of five years approved service as UDC/Stenographer.What about the UDC of Central Civil Services of different department?They are also working as the CSCS and CSSS department hence,It is requested to considered them suitable placement in the NFSG.Wheather the grade pay will be enhanced from 2400 to 4200.
    Only UDCs of CSCS are happy what about the UDCs of other department. Whether the gradepay will be enhanced from 2400 to 4200. pls tell

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