Chaitanya Hospital, Chinchwad, Pune approved under CS (MA) Rules

Recognition of Chaitanya Hospital, Chinchwad, Pune (Maharashtra) for treatment of Central Government employees under CS(MA) Rules, 1944.

No. S. 14021/24/2012-MS

Government of India

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi

Dated 7th November, 2012


Subject: Recognition of Chaitanya Hospital, Chinchwad, Pune (Maharashtra) for treatment of Central Government employees under CS(MA) Rules, 1944.

The undersigned is directed to say that a number of representations have been received in the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare for recognition of Chaitanya Hospital, Chinchwad, Pune (Maharashtra) for treatment of Central Government Employees and their family members under CS(MA) Rules, 1944.

2. In view of the hardship faced by CS(MA) beneficiaries for their own treatment and the treatment of their family members at Pune (Maharashtra), the matter has been examined in the Ministry and it has been decided to empanel Chaitanya Hospital, Chinchwad, Pune (Maharashtra) under Central Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 1944.

3. The Schedule of charges for the treatment of Central Government Employees and the members of their family under the CS(MA) Rules, 1944, will be the rates fixed for CGHS, Pune. The approved rates are available on the website of CGHS ( and may be downloaded/printed.
4. The undersigned is further directed to clarify as under:-

(a) “Package Rate” shall mean and include lump sum cost of in-patient treatment//day-care/diagnostic procedure for which a CS(MA) beneficiary has been permitted by the competent authority or for treatment under emergency from the time of admission to the time of discharge, including (but not limited to)-(i) Registration charges, (ii) Admissioncharges,

(iii) Accommodation charges including patient’s diet (iv) Operation Charges, (v) Injection Charges, (vi) Dressing Charges, (vii) Doctor/consultant visit charges (viii) ICU/ICCU charges, (ix) Monitoring charges, (x) Transfusion charges (xi) Anesthesia Charges (xii) Operation theatre charges (xiii) Procedural charges / Surgeon’s fee (xiv) Cost of surgical disposables and all sundries used during hospitalization, (xv) Cost of medicines (xvi) Related routine and essential investigations, (xvii) Physiotherapy charges etc, (xviii) Nursing care and charges for its services.

(b) Cost of implants is reimbursable in addition to package rates as per CGHS ceiling rates for implants or as per actual in case there is no CGHS prescribed ceiling rates.

(c) Treatment charges for new born are separately reimbursable in addition to delivery charges for mother.

(d) Chaitanya Hospital, Chinchwad, Pune (Maharashtra) shall not charge more than package rates fixed for CGHS, Pune.

(e) Expenses on toiletries, cosmetics, telephone bills etc. are not reimbursable and are not included in the package rates.

5. Package rates envisage duration of indoor treatement as follows.

Upto 12 days : for specialized (Super specialities) treatment

Upto 7 days : for other Major Surgeries

Upto 3 days: for Laparoscopic surgeries /normal deliveries

1 day: for day care / minor (OPD) surgeries.

No additional charge on account of of extended period of stay shall be allowed if that extension is due to infection on the consequences of surgical procedure or due to any improper procedure and is not justfied.

In case there are no CGHS prescribed rates for any test/procedure, then AIIMS are applicable. If there are no AIIMS rates, then reimbursement is to be arrived at by calculating admissible amount item-wise (e.g. room rent, investigations, cost of medicines, procedure charges etc) as per approved rate / actual in case of investigations.

6. (a) CS (MA) beneficiaries are entitled to facilites of private, semi-private or general ward depending on their basic pay. The entitlement is as follows. Pay Drawn in Pay Band Ward entitlement
1. Upto Rs.13,950 Generl Ward
2 Rs. 13,960 to 19,530 Semi-Private Ward
3 Rs.19,540 and above Private ward

(b) The package rates given in rate list are for semi-private ward. It the beneficiary is entitled for gneral ward there will be an increase of 15%. However, the rates shall be same for investigation irrespective of entitlement,whether the patient is admitted or not and the test, per-se, does not require admission.

7. The hospital shall charge formthe beneficiary as per the CGHS prescribed rates or its own rate list whichever is lower.

8. (a) The maximum room rent admissible for different categories would be:

General Ward Rs.1000 per day

Seni-private ward Rs. 2000 per day

Private ward Rs.3000 per day

Day care (6 to 8 hrs) Rs.500 (same for all categories)

(b) Room rent mentioned above at (a) is applicable only for treatment procedures for which there is no CGHS prescribed package rate.

Room rent will include charges for occupation of bed diet for the patient, charges for water and electricity linen charges nursing charges and routine up keeping.

(c) During the treatment in ICCU/ICU no separate room rent will be admissible.

(d) Private ward is defined as hospital room where single patient is accommodated and which has an attached toilet (lavatory and bath). The room should have furnishings like wardrobe, dressing table, bed side table, sofa set etc as well as bed for attendant. The room has to be air-conditioned.

For more details download Office Memorandum S. 14021/24/2012-MS dated 07.11.2012 issued by Department of Health and Family Welfare

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