Declaration of assets by Govt. Employees – Confederation writes to Government

Declaration of assets and liabilities by Govt. Employees – Confederation writes to Government

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Secretary General
DATED :11-09-2014
The Cabinet Secretary
Government of India
Cabinet Secretariat, Rashtrapati Bhawan,
New Delhi – 110001
Sub: Declaration of assets and liabilities by Govt. Employees – exhibiting the details of movable assets in the website – regarding.
All the Central Govt. employees, as per the latest order of the Department of Personnel & Training (DOP&T) have to declare their assets and liabilities, both movable and immovable, as well as their spouses and dependents latest by 15th December 2014. All these informations would be then be put up by the respective ministries on their website accessible to everyone.

A large number of Central Govt. Employees have expressed their fear that putting up details of movable assets such as jewellery and cash in hand and bank would pose a security threat to them and their dependents, leave their children vulnerable to kidnapping and ransom demands.

There are various sources the Government employees would have accumulated wealth such as gift from parents, grandparents property, self-earning, wife-side property, or children’s contribution etc. Putting this information in the public domain would leave them and their family members vulnerable.
It is therefore requested that necessary action may be taken in this regard, so that all such information as stated above shall not be displayed on public domain.
Yours faithfully,
(M. Krishnan)
Secretary General
Mob: 09447068125

Check also instructions by DOPT on declaration of Asset under Lokpal


  1. CENTRAL govt employees are required to intimate the details the property held by their wife and children as per new lokpal act. THIS IS A TOTAL DEVIATION FROM THE EXISTING CONDUCT RULES, as per previous Conduct rules WHICH WERE PREVALENT FOR 60 YEARS, the reasonable right to privacy of the spouse and children were ensured. It is seen that a small number of govt. emplyees are picked up for punishment and selectively targeted as corrupt, for normal human errors. the new provisions of treating non-intimated property as illegal is very excessive, some linency should be shown to genuine cases
    as per new lokpal act all governement employees have to intimate the property held by thier spouse and children also. THOSE PROPERTIES NOT INTIMATED ARE TREATED AS ILLEGALLY ACQUIRED. it is possible that the government servant does not know that some property money in fixed deposit has been given to his wife or children by his father in law or some times his own father as gift. there could be personal reasons for that, for example the father or father in law would not like to inform his son or son-in law that he is giving the wife some big money or property as gift for future of children. the son may be a drunkard or a cruel person, in such cases the govt. servant does not know that the property is in the name of his wife or children. such property must be treated legal. The government and society should not do mob justice by punishing govt. servants for legally aquired property by draconian laws. the govt. should be liberal in dealing with such genuine mistakes. sometimes the value of property may be undervalued due to request of market forces to avoid paying tax by relative of the govt. servant. if such mistakes which are prevalent in the society are committed by the relative of govt. servant and such property is gifted to the wife or children of govt. servant such property should be punished as wrongly registered, and only violation of registration laws should be made, such mistakes common to other people in society should be treated in same way for relatives of govt. servants also. the govt. should treat such property liberally
    THE CENTRAL GOVT. EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION SHOULD TAKE UP THIS MATTER AND WRITE TO THE GOVT. to treat the genuine cases and should specifically list out situations like
    1) undervation of property purchased by relatives should be treated as under valuation only if the relatives had funds to show that the undervaluation was only to avoid tax and not to hide illegal money, both are different things, undervaluation is being done by many people in the society, relatives of govt. servants alone should not be punished by treating the property as illegal
    2) there would be cases when father or father in law or other relatives transfer big money or property aquired legally to the children or wife of govt. without the knowledge of the govt. servant, this is for PERSONAL REASONS and such things should be dealt liberally AS APPLICABLE FOR OTHER PEOPLE IN PRIVATE SERVICE

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  2. Hi
    Told my wife about the new requirements about declaration of assets of spouse .
    I am a govt servant ,she works for a reputed airline. she said..
    ” you work for your govt..I work for my company . i pay handsome tax to your govt out of salary received from my company. I dont remember taken any benefits like LTC or Medical benefits from your side of employement..on the contrary you have utilized countless free passage from my airline side and had two medical surgeries on my companys’ expense. Now your employer wants the details of my assets and liabaliities and put them up on public domain for all to see….Isnt that a bit too much ?……like …how about infringing on my Fundamental Rights guaranteed by the Constitution?….
    I was told to buzz off..! 🙁

    what do u do in a situation like this????????

  3. Hello John,

    Same case with me. My wife is a government employee and I am in a private company earning several times more than my wife. Why should my assets be declared? I am ok to declare if the rule applies to every indian citizen.

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