CGHS not in operation in 10 States – Says Minister

Central Government Employees and Pensioners residing in Ten States are not covered by CGHS.

While it is widely believed that all Central Government Employees and Pensioners are given Government sponsored Medical Treatement, it was revealed by the Minister of Health and Family Welfare Shri.Gulam Nabi Azad that Central Government Health Scheme is not in operation in Ten States.

The above statement was delivered by the Minister on 04.09.2012, in reply to a query asked by a member Smt.Bimla Kashyap Sood in Rajya Sabha.

The member queried that whether Government proposes to open a CGHS Dispensary in Shimla, District, Himachal Pradesh and that whether Government is aware of the fact that Himachal Pradesh is the only State in the country which does not have a CGHS Dispensary.

It was replied by Shri.Gulam Nabhi Azad, the Minister for Health and family Welfare Ministry that Government is examining the feasibility of opening a CGHS Wellness centre in Shimla, that Central Government Health Scheme is not in operation in 10 states and that Serving Central Government employees residing in areas not covered by CGHS like Himachal Pradesh can avail health benefits under Central Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 1944.

The opinion of Central Government Employees living in non-CGHS area is that Central Government Medical Attendance Rules applicable in non-CGHS areas requires a total revamp.

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Source: Rajya Sabha Question No: 2556 (Session : 226)

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