Children Education Allowance – Frequently Asked Questions

Children Education allowance of Rs. 2250 P.M

Department of Personnel and Training, Establishment (Allowance) Section has released a set of FAQs (Frequently Answered Questions) and replies for the same relating to Children Education Allowance payable to Central Government Employees as reimbursement for educational expenses incurred for two children. Also DOPT has issued various clarifications regarding this allowance from time to time.

We have compiled those Queries and Answers for convenience of readers.

As per OM No. 12011/03/2008- Estt.(AL) dated 11 .11.2008, Children Education Allowance would be admissible for more than two children in case the number of children exceeds two as a result of the second child birth resulting in twins or multiple birth. This implies that the CEA will be admissible only in the cases of two eldest surviving children and CEA for third or subsequent child will only be permissible if there is a case of multiple birth at the time of second child birth. Further, reimbursement of CEA for the 3rd child is admissible in case of failure of sterilization operation.

As per OM No.12011/03/2008-Estt (AL) dated 2.9.2008, tuition fee, admission fee, laboratory fee, special fee charged for agriculture, electronics, music or any other subject, fee charged for practical work, fee paid for the use of any aid or appliances by the child, library fee, games/sports fee and fee for extra-curricular activities are reimbursable subject to the condition that the aforementioned fee are charged by the school directly from the student. Besides, reimbursement for purchase of one set of text books and notebooks, two sets of uniforms prescribed by the school in which the child is studying, one pair of shoes, in an academic year are reimbursable. Uniform include all items of clothing prescribed for a day, as uniform by the school, irrespective of colours/winter/summer/PT uniforms.

This Department’s OM No. 12011/03/2008-Esn.(AL) dated 2.9.2008 clearly indicates that the limits “would be automatically raised by 25% every time the Dearness Allowance on the revised pay structure goes up by 50%. There is no need for any separate order from this Department to effect enhancement of CEA as a result of increase in DA by 50%. However, O.M. NO. 12011/01/2011-Estt.(Allowance) dated 4th May, 2011, has been issued to clarify this further.

The reimbursement of CEA is not linked to the performance of the child in his class. Even if a child fails in a particular class, the reimbursement is permissible. However, if the child is admitted in the same class in another school, although the child has passed out of the same class in previous school or in the mid-session, CEA shall not be reimbursable.

Hostel Subsidy is reimbursable to all Central Govt, employees for keeping their ward in the Hostel of a residential school away from the station in which the employee is posted or residing irrespective of any transfer liability.

A Govt. servant is allowed to get 50% of the total amount subject to the overall annual ceiling in the first quarter and the remaining amount in third and or fourth quarter. Front-loading of the entire amount in the first and second quarters is not allowed.

There is no minimum age prescribed for reimbursement of CEA in respect ol children admitted in nursery classes. However, with regard to physically challenged children the minimum age of 5 (five) years has been prescribed. The maximum age for normal child is 20 years and for physically challenged children the maximum age is 22 years.

The school/Institution has to be recognized by the Central or State Government or U’T administration or by University or a recognized educational authority having jurisdiction over the area where the institution is situated.

The CEA is payable for the children of all Central Government employees including citizens of Nepal and Bhutan, who are employees of Government of India, and whose children are studying abroad. However, a certificate may be obtained from the Indian Mission abroad that the school is recognized by the educational authority having jurisdiction over the area where the institution is situated.

CEA/hostel subsidy shall be admissible till the end of the academic year in which the Government Servant ceases to be in service due to retirement, discharge, dismissal or removal from service in the course of an academic year. The payment shall be made by the office in which the Government Servant worked prior to these events and will be regulated by the other conditions laid down under CEA Scheme.

If a Government servant dies while in service the children education allowance or hostel subsidy shall be admissible in respect of his/her children subject to observance of other conditions for its grant provided the wife/husband of the deceased is not employed in service of the Central Government, State Government, Autonomous body, PSU, Semi government organization such Municipality, Port Trust authority or any other organization partly or fully funded by the Central government/State governments.  In such cases the CEA/Hostel Subsidy shall be payable to the Children till such time the employee would have actually received the same, subject to the condition that other terms and conditions are fulfilled. The payment shall be made by the office in which the Government Servant was working prior to his death and will be regulated by the other conditions laid down under CEA Scheme.

The upper age limit for disabled children has been set at the age of 22 years. In the case of other children the age limit will be 20 years or till the time of passing 12th class which ever is earlier. Cases where reimbursement have been already made in respect of children above this age may not be reopened.

It has also been decided that CEA may henceforth be allowed in case of children studying through “Correspondence or Distance Learning” subject to other condition prescribed.

“Two sets of Uniform” would mean two sets of uniform prescribed by the School in which the child is studying. As set of uniform will include all items of clothing prescribed for a day, as uniform by the School. Reimbursement may be allowed for two sets of such uniform irrespective of the colors/winter/summer/PT uniform.

“One set of shoes” would mean one pair of shoes.

It is clarified that for the purpose of hostel subsidy, station would be demarcated by the first three digits of pin code of the area where the Government Servant is posted and/or residing. The first three digits of the PIN code indicate a Revenue District.

No. It is clarified that the term ‘fee’ contained in the para 1(e) of the OM dated 2.9.2008 would mean the fee charged by the School directly from the student.

Also Checkout following guidelines and Instructions issued by Govt on Children Education Allowance


  1. I would like to know whether a govt. servant who joined during December  2011 as LDC is eligible to apply for children education allowance in full for the academic year 2011-12 or the official is eligible only for the period from Dec 2011 to April 2012 or the official is not eligible for the academic year 2011-12.  Kindly clarify 

  2. A student of class -IV was studying in a Nursery school for the year 2011. The school is registered by Govt. of West Bengal under the Society Act.. I may kindly be inform whether CEA can be reimbursed in this case.


  4. sir, in my office some of the employees applied for tution reimbursement for nursary which prior to l.k.g and u.k.g . now prior to first class only two times tution fees is reimbursable for two times only as per existing rules. Now employees says they were not knew at that time hence claimed and got it. Now l.k.g fare is more, now want to return the amount already claimed for nursary and wants to claim for l.k.g and whether the same can be accepted or not.  some says any two times prior to 1` class hence wants to claim for nursary and want forgo any one of other two i.e. l.k.g or. u.k.g. as the rule is vague we coul`nt take any dececission .please advise

    1. If Child Care leave is approved, you will be paid full salary including DA for the leave period

  5. I am not getting the reimbursement of “Term Fee” charged by the school in Mumbai twice yearly. I am told by my unit that word “Term Fee” is not mentioned in the letters of Department of Personnel and Training, Establishment (Allowance), so it cannot be reimbursed. Actually “Term Fee” is the fee charged by the schools in Mumbai. Whether the same can be reimbursed or not kindly clarify…

    1. Pl. enquire with the school whether the term fee is meant for one or any of the purposes which specifically provided in the CEA OMs as allowed for reimbursement. If so get certificate to that effect from the school. For example term fee is nothing but tuition fee charges twice year, you can get certificate to that effect from the school

  6. my first daughter born before dec.1987 and xii passout 2004 othew two eldest children will get CEA.

  7. Sir, can we buy one set uniform for winter session separate or one set uniform for summer session separate or only one set uniform.

  8. One set of PT uniforms for PT is required for student, instruction by school authority. Reimbursement may be allowed for “Two sets of Uniform” along with PT uniform?

  9. Sir
    Can I Claim two years Old Bills of CEA in My Office or not ?

    I have all original bills of school feee, books and unoform.
    Can I claim now in my office as per rule or not ?

  10. In case of those students who has failed in the class and studying twice in the same class, whether any document is required in claiming office as a proof showing his failure of that class for claiming of CEA in respect of that child.

    1. CEA is not based on performance of child. Even if a child will have to study in a particular class again CEA will have to be allowed

  11. I have already claimed CEA for class UKG of my daughter. My daughter week in study. Teachers suggest me that you are again admission of your daughter in class UKG. So that Sir I want to know that can i claim the CEA again for class UKG. Can this is admissible for a child drop down not fail in same class for his weakness. If admissible so please give me proof because my office staff want in written.

    1. You can surely apply for CEA Again. Pl note that CEA is not based on performance of children. As long as you have valid Bills and your child is studying in an approved school, CEA will have to be paid

  12. I would like to know if by mistake we give more than 50 % tuition fee reimbursement for the first 2 quarters ,and it got credited to the employee, can the amount not allowed be deducted from the salary ?

  13. I have paid the school fee of Rs 10000 this year during April 2015 as arrears of last two years 2014 & 2015 as per the school order this year
    Can I claim this fee amount in my CEA this year or not ?
    Please reply soon

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