Online generation and recording of APAR on SPARROW Portal for the Reporting Year 2022-23

Online filling of APARs under SPARROW for the year 2022-2023: Railway Board

Online generation and recording of Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR) on SPARROW Portal for all ITS Group ‘A’ and TES Group ‘B’ officers for the Reporting Year 2022-23

Time Bound

File No. 71-12/2022-23/APAR
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Telecommunications
Sanchar Bhawan, 20, Ashoka Road, New Delhi-1

Dated: – 16.03.2023

Office Memorandum

Subject:- Online generation and recording of Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR) on SPARROW Portal for all ITS Group ‘A’ and TES Group ‘B’ officers for the Reporting Year 2022-23-reg

As per DOPT D.O No 21011/2/2015-Estt(A) Part dated 14.9.2022 no further request for submission of APAR in physical form will be entertained. Online recording of APAR through SPARROW Portal has already been introduced by DoT in respect of officers of ITS Group ‘A’ and TES Group ‘B’ Cadre.

2. It has been aimed at 100% APAR to be filled in online mode only i.e. through SPARROW portal . All officers are, therefore, requested to ensure that:-

i. Their data is duly mapped in SPARROW portal and their SPARROW Account is fully functional at all times;

ii. Their complete details in prescribed format (with all supporting documents/orders) are to be sent to respective ‘Nodal officer/ PAR Custodian’ in prescribed format i.e Annexure-I for generation of e-APAR for the reporting year 2022-23 latest by 25-03-2023. This is prerequisite for timely generation of e-APAR in SPARROW system.

iii. All Nodal officers have to ensure timely generation of APAR.

3. Time schedule for generation and recording of APAR (enclosed as Annexure- II) is enclosed. It is requested to bring the same to the notice of all concerned for strict adherence to the prescribed timelines for writing of APAR to ensure that APAR process is completed in a time bound manner.

4. As per DoT OM of even number dated 23.1.2023, Reporting and reviewing officers will evaluate the performance of individual officer by completed course in IGOT platform.

5. It may please be noted that the Auto-force forwarding of APARs has been implemented for the APARs for ITS Group A and TES Group B from the year 2021-22 onwards vide DoT OM No 71-12/2021-22/APAR-Part(1) dated 28.3.2022., i.e. the e-APARs will be automatically force forwarded to next stage if one particular stage is not completed in time bound manner.

6. It is reiterated that if no self-appraisal is received by the stipulated date, the reporting officer can proceed to write the report on the basis of his experience of the work and conduct of the officer reported upon. While doing so, he can also point out the failure of the officer reported upon to submit his self-appraisal within the stipulated time. Further any failure on the part of the Reporting/ Reviewing Officers to comply the time-schedule will be viewed seriously and in the absence of proper justification for such delay, the officers superior to the Reporting/ Reviewing Officers can issue a written warning for non performing public duty in completing the APARs and place the warning in the APAR dossier of the Reporting/Reviewing Officers concerned.

This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.

Vinayak Chouksey
Assistant Director (APAR)
Tel No. 23036850

Enclosure: As Above

Signed by Vinaya
Date: 16-03-2023 10:32:23

Source: Department of Telecommunications

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