APAR not completed by 31st December to be treated as time barred

APAR not completed by 31st December to be treated as time barred – Suitable inclusion in relevant Central Civil Services Rules

Personnel Ministry has issued letter to all Cadre Controlling Authority regarding submition of APAR within the Cut off date.



Cadre controlling Authorities
(as per the enclosed List) ·

Dated:     May 18, 2015

Dear  Sir/Madam,

I  wish to bring to your kind attention the direction  of ACC for inclusion  of a Specific  provision  in the relevant  rules of Central Civil  Services  that APAR  not completed  by 31st  December of the year would  be treated  as time barred.  The details are as follow:

2.          The ACC while considering   a proposal for appointment  of CMD in a PSU  has observed  that non-adherence to stipulated   time  lines in finalising  APARs is  a recurrent   problem   In  all  Sectors  of the Government.      Sometimes,    it   is  the assesses  who   do  not submit. their self appraisals   in  time ·and sometimes .the    delay  is due  to Reporting/Reviewing/Accepting   Authorities  not  adhering  to the time-lines. Often  cases  of undated appraisal/comments   are  noticed  and possibility of back dating  can also  not be ruled out.

3.          With a  view to  address the  above  issues,  the  ACC has  directed the·Department of .Public Enterprise  (for  CPSEs),  Department  of Financial  Services  (for PSBs, FIs amt Insurance  Companies) and all  Cadre  Controlling   Authorities   (for Central  Civil Services in  respect  of cadres  controlled  .by them)  to include  the following provision   in the relevant rules governing the APARs  of the Service:

If an APAR for a Financial Year is not recorded by 31st December of the year In which the financial year ended,no remarks may be recorded thereafter  and the officer may be assessed on the basis of the overall record and self assessment  for the year, if he has submitted  his ‘self assessment in time”.

4.         It is  suggested  that the OPE,   DFS and other Cadre Controlling   Authorities  may also introduce  online  filing  of APAR     DOPT  had launched  on-line  application  christened   as  SPARROW   w.e.f.   1st  April, 2014 to enable the IAS officers  to file their PARs online.  The SPARROW can be tweaked/modified  by the SPARROW   team  of NIC as per the specific  requirements  of the Services.    In this regard, you may kindly refer  to  my earlier  letter  dated  21.04.2015 (copy     enclosed)   indicating  the  advantages   accrued  from  the implementation   of on-line filing in respect of IAS officers and steps  required  to be taken  for rolling out the on-tine system to other  Services.

5.          The Department   of Public  Enterprises (for CPSEs),  Department  of Financial  Services  (for PSBs, FIs and Insurance  Companies)   and  all cadre  controlling authorities   (for  Central  Civil  services   In respect  of cadres controlled by them)  are,  therefore,   requested  to comply  with  the directions   of the ACC and also take  steps as outlined  in the para 5 of the  enclosed  letter  for rolling out the online  system.

6.          An  action  taken   report  on  para  3  and  4  above  may  be  sent to  this  Department   urgently  for apprising  the ACC accordingly.

Yours Sincerely

(Rajiv Kumar)
Establishment Officer

Download Ministry of Personnel letter No.21912015:-EO(ACC) dated 18.05.2015

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