7th Pay Commission Chairman says commission’s report will be submitted by the end of September

7th Pay Commission will submit the report by the end of September as reported by 7th CPC Chairman Mr. A.K.Mathur to PTI

7th Pay Commission will submit report by end of September 2015The Seventh Pay Commission set up by the government to revise remuneration of about 48 lakh central government employees and 55 lakh pensioners will submit its report next month, said its chairman Justice A K Mathur.

The Union Cabinet, according to sources, is expected to extend the term of the Commission by two months until 31 October at its meeting on Wednesday. The term of the Commission ends this month.

“The Commission will submit its report by the end of September,” Justice Mathur told PTI.

The Commission, which was set up by the UPA government in February 2014 to revise remuneration of central government employees, defence personnel and pensioners, was required to submit its report by August-end.

The government constitutes the Pay Commission almost every 10 years to revise the pay scale of its employees and often these are adopted by states after some modifications.

The Commission has already completed discussions with various stakeholders, including organisations, federations, groups representing civil employees as well as Defence services. It’s now in the process of finalising its recommendations.

The recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission are scheduled to come into effect from 1 January 2016.

The other members of the Commission are Vivel Rae, Rathin Roy and its secretary Meena Agarwal. The Sixth Pay Commission was implemented with effect from 1 January 2006, the fifth from 1 January 1996 and the fourth from 1 January 1986.

Source: PTI News through Livemint

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