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NPS – contribution received into NPS instead of GPF

Procedure to deal with erroneous contribution received into NPS instead of GPF


Cir no: PFRDA/ 2013/2/ PDEX / 2

Subject: Withdrawal of erroneous contribution received into NPS instead of GPF

There have been various queries and requests from the subscribers and the PAOs/DDOs/DTOs on refund of  contribution received into NPS erroneously, due to wrongly classifying subscriber as falling under NPS instead of GPF.

After examining the matter, it has been  the decided that  such cases will be treated as erroneous transfer by the concerned department and do not fall under the exit/withdrawal from NPS.  In all such cases, 100% withdrawal of accrued pension wealth is allowed subject to the condition that such proceeds should mandatory transferred back to the concerned PAO/DDO from whom the request for withdrawal has arisen.

The concerned subscriber can approach through his PAO/DTO/DDO to our NPS claims cell at CRA for processing of such requests.

Source: PFRDA

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