All Citizen NPS can be paid through ECS

The NPS provides Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) facility to its subscribers. This will facilitate the subscriber to electronically pay NPS contribution from their respective bank accounts. To avail this facility, subscriber is required to submit the ECS form to any of the NPS registered Point of Presence (POP)/ Point of Presence‐Service Provider (POP‐SP). The subscriber will provide details of bank account in the ECS Mandate form prescribed by respective POP. Once the ECS request is accepted the subscriber contribution amount will be debited from their respective account on the specified date.

Procedure to be followed by the NPS Subscriber/Customer
Step 1: NPS subscriber will have an option to avail ECS facility from any of the NPS registered Point of Presence (POP’s) providing ECS facility.
Step 2: The subscriber shall download the ECS Mandate form from the POP website or collect the mandate form from any POP.
Step 3: After providing the details as mentioned in the ECS form, the subscriber will submit the necessary documents to the POP to avail ECS facility:
Operating Guidelines for Subscriber


  • NPS subscriber can opt for ECS facility for making payment through any of the registered Point of Presence (POP’s) willing to provide ECS facility, and subject to any additional changes for providing the facility as may be mutually agreed upon.
  • Subscriber shall download the ECS Mandate form from the POP website or collect the mandate form the PoP with which he/she wishes to register for making ECS payment.
  • Upon successful registration of the ECS request, the contribution will be debited from the subscriber’s bank account on the date specified in ECS form as per the RBI instructions.
  • On the date of ECS debit, the subscriber should check his bank account statement to verify whether the contribution has been debited from the account or not.
  • In case, ECS debit has not been made on the date specified, the subscriber shall contact his POP. 
  • Units will be allotted at NAV based purchase price declared on the fourth day of ECS debit made on subscriber’s bank account. In case the date falls on a non‐business day, the immediate next business day will be taken into account for the purpose of determining the NAV.
  • The subscriber may view Statement of Transaction (SOT) online at the end of the fourth day or thereafter of ECS debit from bank account. In case the online SOT does not reflect the units allotted, subscriber should contact his PoP branch or the CRA:
  1. on toll free number: 1‐800‐222080
  2. or send email to: [email protected]
  3. and register a grievance online in the CRA system
  • In case subscriber’s mobile number is registered with CRA, the subscriber will receive SMS alert from Central Recordkeeping Agency (CRA) a day after the successful credit of units into subscriber’s Individual Retirement Account (IRA).
  • In case of change in bank account, the subscriber should contact the POP to avoid wrong deduction.
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