No Covid Vaccination, No Pay – Punjab govt to staff

no vaccine no pay punjab government

Employees of the Punjab government were told on Wednesday that until they provide their Covid immunisation certificate, they will not be paid.

Employees have been required to submit their full or provisional vaccination certificate number with the state government’s human resources system, iHRMS.

The government stated in an order that if they do not comply, they will be denied their salaries.

The action is being interpreted as the state government’s attempt to persuade more staff to acquire Covid vaccines as fears about the new coronavirus variant Omicron grow.

The state finance department issued an order on Tuesday requesting compliance from all senior officers, department heads, divisional commissioners, deputy commissioners, and others.

The order specifies that the Covid immunisation certificate number be entered on the Integrated Human Resource Management System (iHRMS) portal.

Government employees should be advised that they must register the Covid vaccination certificate number for both doses with the iHRMS, according to the order, which also states that if an employee has only received one dosage, he or she must enter the provisional certificate number.

It also requested that the Covid vaccination certificate number be linked to the salary module, so that if an employee fails to provide vaccination information, his or her money will be withheld.