Introducing GC Assist – A Q&A Platform Exclusively For Serving And Retired Government Servants

GC Assist - Q&A Platform for Govt Employees

Hi Friends,

The GConnect team is excited to announce the addition of a new feature to It’s called GC Assist and you can reach it at

What is GC Assist?

Before we get into what GC Assist is, let’s tell you why the GConnect team felt the need for something like this.

Everyday, we receive several phone calls and E-mails from GConnect viewers, asking us questions on all kinds of topics like pay fixation, pension, allowance, GPF, NPS etc. As you can imagine, as much as we would like to, it is virtually impossible to answer each of the queries individually. Also, we need to admit that, several times we ourselves don’t know the answers to some questions asked by the viewers. But we believe there are thousands of knowledgeable minds who are specialists and experienced in each of the areas and therefore can give a better and correct answer to the queries.

And so was born the idea of GC Assist.

GC Assist is basically a Q&A platform where members can ask questions and get their doubts clarified. It is extremely easy to use. You just need a Google or Facebook id to login. Once logged in you can either ask a question or answer an existing question asked by another member. So the idea basically is to create a community wherein the members can help each other out by sharing their knowledge.

We realise that serving employees are in a better position to have their queries clarified in their offices. But when it comes to retirees, they find it extremely difficult to find somebody to answer their queries. We really hope and believe that this platform would be immensely useful to those in service as well as the retired.

To start with, we have added a few questions received from GC viewers through email.

Feel free to explore GC Assist.

We urge the experts to participate and help the other members of the community.

Let’s help each other out and make everybody’s life a little bit easy.

Check out GC Assist.

GC Assist – Seek Knowledge. Share Knowledge