Emerging Trends Influencing The Indian Education Sector

Education Technology ByjusThere has been a long and constant debate going on about how or why India’s education system needs urgent rewiring. We hear many discussions about this topic and it looks like finally some progress is being made. While the government has already setup up programmes or initiatives to improve education but some other factors and emerging trends are playing a major role in transforming education or the education sector in India.

As such, today the Indian education sector has reached a certain juncture where many are focusing on redesigning content and achieving learning outcomes, while some are leaning more on technology to deliver better learning experiences. Besides, we are seeing more of technology playing a bigger role in the Indian sector and it is being adopted more quickly than before by many educators. So here we will try and understand how technology is changing the education landscape or what are the new emerging trends in this space.

Without a doubt, ‘technology’ is the single biggest factor that has impacted the sector in the last few years. For example, digitally-enabled classrooms are becoming more prominent. Additionally, e-books, online assessments, and even the recent cloud-based content, is practically changing the system. This is a great development compared to the traditional method of learning through books. And this might just be the beginning. Many edtech companies are on the rise and they are coming up with solutions that deal with topics like NCERT science class 9 and others that have a great potential to change learning and the education landscape forever. Let’s look at some of the top trends below.

Smartphones and Apps

Now that smartphones have become a household item, using these devices to impart knowledge and at the same time learn has become easy. Thanks to the internet and developments of specific education apps like BYJU’s, everything has become readily available at the click of the button. For example, if you are looking for, let’s say NCERT solutions for class 6 maths, then you can access the apps and get solutions directly on your phone. A lot of the education apps provide a comprehensive set of solutions from sample papers, syllabus, games, and a whole lot more.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

After apps, another thing that has the potential to create a big impact is the use of VR and AR technology. This technology can help student learn in a more immersive manner. Science subjects can be more fun and interactive. It will also be very easy for educators to deliver better learning outcomes with high-fidelity educational experiences.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We are hearing about AI in many instances these days. It has also become the buzzword in the technology field. However, this technology also has a great potential in the education sector. Adaptive learning through Artificial Intelligence can help bridge the gap between different students and their learning abilities. It could ensure more uniform learning.

These are just some of the emerging trend in the field. In any case, the year ahead promises to be an interesting one for education.

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