Good news for Central Government employees; Increase of pay hike in fitment factor, minimum salary and DA

7th pay commission – Central government, ahead of the festive season, may announce some great news for central government employees! It will be one of the most welcome Diwali gifts for the employees who have been making these demands for years, but their please were ignored. Government employees want a pay hike as rising costs of living ensure that their pay is not enough to ensure an adequate lifestyle for their families and get the children a good education.

It is now increasingly being said that things are set to change for the better now. In a series of salary revisions, the Centre may increase the minimum salary by modifying the 7th Pay Commission fitment factor of the central government employees! Yes, that is what is being reported in the corridors of power. The central government employees have been long demanding that 7th CPC minimum salary to be increased from Rs 18,000 to Rs 26,000. This is over and above the amount recommended under the 7th pay commission, which was based on a fitment factor hike of 2.57 times. This had led to minimum salaries being hiked to Rs 18000 years ago when Centre accepted the 7th CPC report recommendations.

However, this demand of employees had been there even before the 7th Pay Commission report was submitted but was not granted by the panel, which recommended a jump by 2.57 times in basic salary rather than the 3.68 times – the higher number is what employees want.

Apart from this, the central government may also announce the H-2 7th pay commission Dearness Allowance (DA) that has been awaited since July 2019. In August, the central government employees were awaiting the DA announcement as they were expecting it one month before the festival season. However, after the DA announcement by some state government, the central government is under immense pressure to announce the central government employee’s DA in September ahead of the festival season.

If that happens, the central government employees would get three months’ arrears (July, August and September 2019) when their September salary will be credited into their bank account. Central Government employees are expecting around 5 per cent DA hike in H2-2019 DA.

So, 7th Pay Commission news that is eagerly being awaited may be forthcoming and the announcement is being awaited. Till the official declaration is not made, the time will go by very anxiously for all concerned.

Source: zeebiz

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