All about ECHS Scheme – Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme

ECHS: Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme is to provide allopathic medicare to Ex-servicemen pensioner and their dependents

ECHS Contribution Eligible For Income Tax Exemption Under Section 80D

About ECHS

Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme

1. Historical Background. Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) was launched with effect from 01 April 2003. The Scheme aims to provide allopathic medicare to Ex-servicemen pensioner and their dependents through a network of ECHS Polyclinics, Service medical facilities and civil empanelled/Govt hospitals spread across the country. The Scheme has been structured on the lines of CGHS to ensure cashless transactions, as far as possible, for the patients and is financed by the Govt of India.

2. ECHS is a flagship Scheme of the Ministry of Defence, Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare. The aim of Scheme is to provide quality healthcare of Ex-servicemen pensioners and their dependents. As on 01 May 2015, a total of 15,21,563 Ex-servicemen have enlisted with the Scheme along with 32,02,610 dependents. Total beneficiaries of the Scheme, thus amount to 47,24,173.

3. Policy framework for the Scheme is laid down by the Govt and executive control is exercised by the Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare. The Scheme is managed through the existing infrastructure of the Armed Forces so as to minimize the administrative expenditure. The existing infrastructure includes command and control structure, spare capacity of Service Medical facilities (Hospitals and Medical Inspection Rooms), procurement organization for medical and non-medical equipment, Defence land and buildings etc. Station Commanders assisted by Senior Executive Medical Officers (SEMO) exercise direct control over the ECHS Polyclinics.

4. The Central Organisation ECHS is located at Delhi and functions under the Chiefs of Staff Committee through the Adjutant General in the Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence (Army). The Central Organisation is headed by a Managing Director, a serving Major General.

5. There are 28 Regional Centres sanctioned by the Govt, all 28 Regional Centres are functional. All efforts are being made to make the remainder Regional Centres functional at the earliest possible.

6. ECHS Polyclinics are designed to provide ‘Out Patient Care’ which includes consultation, essential investigation and provision of medicines. Specialised consultations, investigations and ‘In Patient Care’ (Hospitalization) is provided through spare capacity available in Service hospitals and through civil hospitals empanelled with ECHS.

7. Polyclinics are categorized as Type A to E, based on the number of Ex-servicemen residing in that area. They are:-

a. Type A – Above 20,000

b. Type B – Above 10,000

c. Type C – Above 5,000

d. Type D – Above 2,500

e. Type E (Mobile) – Less than 2500 (Armed Forces Polyclinics or augmented Armed Forces Clinic will be provided)

Expansion of ECHS Network

8. Expansion of ECHS network was approved by the Govt in Oct 2010 by sanctioning 182 additional polyclinics and 17 mobile clinics, making a total of 426 ECHS Polyclinics Out of 426 sanction polyclinics, 355 policlinics are operational as on 25 Jun 2013. The details are as under:-

Initial Additional Total
(a) Military Stations 106 06 112
(b) Non Military Stations 121 176 297
(c) Mobile Clinics 17 17
227 199 426
Eligibility Criteria


9. Eligibility For ECHS Membership. The Scheme caters for medical care to all ESM pensioners including those earning Disability and Family Pension and their dependents, which includes wife/husband, dependent legitimate children and wholly dependent parents. To be eligible for membership of ECHS, a person must meet the following twin conditions:-

a. Should have ESM status.

b. Should be drawing normal Service /Disability/ Family Pension.

Scales of Contribution and Staff

10. Contribution for ECHS Membership. All ESM pensioners are required to make a one time contribution based on their corresponding scale of Grade Pay at the time of retirement as per rates mentioned below :-

Uncommutted Basic Pension + DP Corresponding Scale of Grade Pay at the time of Retirement
Recruit to Havildar Naib Subedar Subedar to Major Lt Col and above
Rs 15,000/- Rs 27,000/- Rs 39,000/- Rs 60,000/-


11. Staff Authorised to Polyclinics. Contractual staff authorized to various types of ECHS Polyclinics is as under:-

S.No. Trade Type ‘A’ Type ‘B’ Type ‘C’ Type ‘D’ Type ‘E’
(a) Medical Officer 06 03 02 02 01
(b) Medical Specialist 02 02 01
(c) Dental Officer 02 02 01 01
(d) OIC (Non Medical) 01 01 01 01
(e) Gynaecologist 01 01
(f) Radiologist 01 01
(g) Nursing Asst/Nurse 03 03 02 01 01
(h) Pharmacist 01 01 01 01
(i) Lab Asst 01 01 01 01
(j) Dental Hygienist/Tech/Assistant 02 02 01 01
(k) Driver 02 02 01 01 01
(l) Peon 01 01 01 01
(m) Safaiwala 01 01 01 01
(n) Female Attendant 01 01 01 01
(o) Chowkidar 01 01 01 01
(p) Lab Tech 01 01 01 01
(q) Radiographer 01 01
(r) Physiotherapist 01 01 01
Total 29 26 17 14 03


12. Plot Size and Plinth Area authorised to Polyclinics is as under :-

Present Auth Recommended
Plot Size Plinth Area Plot Size Plinth Area
(a) Type A -1200 sq yds 5000 sq ft 6400 sq yds 29062.8 sq ft
(b) Type B -1200 sq yds 4000 sq ft 4800 sq yds 21528 sq ft
(c) Type C – 700 sq yds 2500 sq ft 3500 sq yds 16146 sq ft
(d) Type D – 700 sq yds 2000 sq ft 2800 sq yds 12916.8 sq ft


13. Growth of ECHS Membership. Year wise enrolment of ECHS members and the corresponding increase in beneficiary base over the years is as under:-

S.No. As on Members Beneficiaries Increase/Decrease
(a) 31 Mar 2005 78,999 3,63,261
(b) 31 Mar 2006 2,60,876 9,82,654 (+)6,19,393
(c) 31 Mar 2007 4,24,823 15,07,412 (+)5,24,758
(d) 31 Mar 2008 6,33,596 21,02,891 (+)5,95,479
(e) 31 Mar 2009 9,51,763 30,21,920 (+)9,19,029
(f) 31 Mar 2010 10,64,225 33,67,410 (+)3,45,490
(g) 31 Mar 2011 11,58,559 36,59,263 (+)2,91,853
(h) 31 Mar 2012 12,41,700 39,73,432 (+)3,14,169
(j) 31 Mar 2013 13,33,984 43,03,846 (+)3,30,414
(k) 31 Mar 2014 14,22,669 46,12,543 (+)3,08,697
(l) 31 Mar 2015 15,08,370 46,86,036 (+)73,493
(m) 30 Apr 2015 15,21,563 47,24,173 (+)38.137


14. Enhancement in Remuneration of ECHS Contractual Employees.

After consistent efforts, the case to bring remuneration of contractual staff in ECHS polyclinics at par with their counterparts in other organizations such as CGHS/ESIC has borne fruit. Govt has accorded sanction to revise remuneration of the contractual staff in ECHS polyclinics with effect from 01 Apr 2013. The existing and revised pay scales are as under:-

S.No. Category Existing Remuneration Revised Remuneration
(a) Medical Officer Rs. 46,000/- Rs. 60,000/-
(b) Specialist (Medical Specialist and Gynaecologist) Rs. 55,000/- Rs. 70,000/ for 1st year Rs. 80,000/- for 2nd year. –
(c) Dental Officer Rs. 46,000/- Rs. 60,000/-
(d) Officer in Charge Polyclinics Rs. 46,000/- Rs. 60,000/-
(e) Radiographer Rs. 15,000/- Rs. 22,500/-
(f) Laboratory Technician Rs. 15,000/- Rs. 22,500/-
(g) Laboratory Assistant Rs. 15,000/- Rs. 22,500-
(h) Physiotherapist Rs. 15,000/- Rs. 22,500-
(j) Pharmacist Rs. 15,000/- Rs. 22,500-
(k) Nursing Assistant Rs. 15,000/- Rs. 22,500/-
(l) Dental Hygienist Dental Assistant Dental Technician Rs. 15,000/- Rs. 22,500/-
(m) Driver Rs. 10,500/- Rs. 15,750/-
(n) Chowkidar Rs. 8,970/- Rs. 13,455
(o) Female Attendant Rs. 8,970/- Rs. 13,455/-
(p) Peon Rs. 8,970/- Rs. 13,455/-
(q) Safaiwala Rs. 8,970/- Rs. 13,455/-


15. Grievance Redressal Mechanism. All grievances received from veterans are being replied to, including information sought under RTI. Grievances are being addressed through e-mail via internet and through website of DoESW. In addition to the above, an Arbitration Committee has also been formed at Central Org ECHS to address concerns of empanelled hospitals. Grievances if any may be addressed to the undermentioned functionaries:-

(a) Managing Director
Central Org, ECHS
Maude Lines
Delhi Cant
PIN – 110010
Tele-011-25684846 & Mob-8527794678

(b) Director (Complaints & Legal)
Central Org, ECHS
Maude Lines
Delhi Cant
PIN – 110010
Tele-011-25684946 & Mob-8130382888

16. ECHS Website.

All information regarding ECHS, including list of empanelled facilities, forms for membership and latest policies are available at

17. Revised Eligibility Criteria.

Govt sanction has been accorded for bringing ECHS beneficiaries at par with that of CGHS. Details are as under:-

S.No Relationship Criteria
(a) Son Till he starts earning or attains the age of 25 years, whichever is earlier.
(b) Daughter Till she starts earning or gets married, irrespective of the age limit, whichever is earlier.
(c) Son or daughter suffering from any permanent disability of any kind (physical or mental) Irrespective of age limit.
(d) Dependent divorced/abandoned or separated from their husband/ widowed daughters and dependents unmarried/divorced/abandoned or separated from their husband/ widowed sisters Irrespective of age limit.
(e) Minor brothers(s) who are dependent on the veteran Upto the age of becoming a major
(f) Parents Fully dependent


Source: Pension Portal

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