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How to safeguard your Bank ATM card from fraudsters?

Like the news on street-side robbery, house-breaking, bank robbery etc we are used to read in the news papers few years ago, nowadays we come across lot of news on debit card (also popularly called as…

Stage is set to Popularise Mobile Banking

We are all used to Internet banking system now. But Mobile banking offered by many banks now is claimed to be the fastest system as of now for personal banking transactions.

Let’s say goodbye to typewriters

Godrej and Boyce, the last company to make manual typewriters, has closed its plant in Mumbai, leaving the typewriter officially a product of the past.

TATA and MIT scientist to produce artificial leaf

Though we have perfect technologies to produce energy from sun light using photo electric cells, photovoltaic panels etc., we could not use them on a large scale due to various factors such as high…

Scientist creates Kidney using human tissue

If this comes to reality it will be one of the best inventions in the medical world as it could rewrite the history in transplantations of human parts in order to save life.

Procedure for Mobile Number Portability

We all know that Mobile Number Portability will be a reality from 20th January 2011, as Government has at last announced the launch of this facility for the entire India from this date.

Gmail alerts on fake mails

In the world of unscrupulous spammers, spoofers, hackers,phishers (and the list goes on), safeguarding our important personal details such as bank accounts,credit card details,email account etc is of…

Go green – Pencil Printer

The paperless office that was promised never happened, and despite our increased use of the Internet and electronic gadgets, we still love to print stuff out. While most people are looking for better…

What is 3G ?

Cellular mobile services were initially offered using analogue radio technologies and these were considered as the first generation systems (1G). The definition of 2G was straight forward because…

Google Wave changes the way you communicate

Google Wave is a new Internet communication platform. With google wave multiple users can communicate and work with richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps etc on a real time basis. In other…

Internet – Explained

How internet works? Though we use this service regularly, we are not much conversant about what happens exactly inside when we request for a web page by typing an address in the browser or while…

Now colour of nature in your hand

Designer Jinsun Park from Korea has come out with a simple tool called Color Picker. Place the pen against an object and press the scan button, the color will be detected by the color sensor and the…

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