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reservation in promotion

Reservation in Promotion

In case of promotion by selection method, reservation is available to SCs and STs upto lowest rung of Group A. There is no reservation in promotion by selection within Group A.

Reservation in promotion – Minister’s reply

Dr. Jitendra Singh, Minister for State, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions replied in Lok Sabha on 17.12.2015 regarding reservation in promotions in Central Government Service. Minister also stated that States will have…

Reservation in Promotion

Reservation in promotion is available to SC/ST (Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes) at the rate of 15% and 7.5%, respectively, in all Groups viz. A, B, C (including erstwhile Group D posts)

Reservation in Promotion

The Supreme Court in its judgment dated 19.10.2006 in the matter of M. Nagaraj & others v. Union of India & others while upholding the validity of the Constitutional Amendments, viz. the 77th Amendment, the 81st Amendment, the 82nd…

Reservation in promotion to SCs and STs

Reservation in promotion to SCs and STs: Latest statement by Minister of Personnel. The Supreme Court in the matter of M.Nagaraj Vs. Union of India has held that the constitutional amendments made to enable the State to provide reservation…