Revision of rates for Coronory stents under CGHS

The Department of Health and Family Welfare New Delhi, has issued Office Memorandum in F.No. Misc. 1002/2006/CGHS(R&H)/CGHS(P) dated 31.10.2011 In supersession of the Ministry’s O.M dated 12.09.2007 for the revised rates and guidelines for Coronary /Vascular Stents for reimbursement for CGHS/CS(MA) beneficiaries. It has been decided that all DCGI approved Coronary / Vascular Stents are approved for reimbursement to CGHS/CS(MA) beneficiaries as per the ceiling rates mentioned in the new Office Memorandum.


Private Hospitals/Labs under CGHS–clarification

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi, has referred to various doubts raised reagarding the CGHS Scheme and issued clarifications. It has been clarified that, if CGHS rate is not available for any treatment procedure in any CGHS covered city, the CGHS rate applicable to the nearest CGHS city or CGHS, Delhi, whichever is lower shall be admissible