SANKALP – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is an initiative of the Government of India’s Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare that provides a platform for pensioners to access opportunities for useful interventions in society. It also makes it easier for organizations working in these fields to choose appropriate skills and expertise from the available pool of volunteers – retirees.

Another important aspect of Sankalp is to hold Pre-Retirement Counselling Workshops to assist retiring employees in making the transition smoothly into their 2nd inning i.e. Post-Retirement life.

Pensioners, Pensioners’ Associations and Non-Government Organizations can be registered under SANKALP.

Only Central Government Civil Pensioners, Defense Civilians, and Defense Retirees are currently eligible for SANKALP registration.

Pension payment order (PPO) with 12 digits for Central Government civilian pensioners, as well as service number, rank, and record office for retired military personnel. In addition, for SANKALP registration, Pensioners must provide their Date of Birth, Date of Superannuation, PAN Number, and Mobile Number.

Pensioners can submit the pensioner registration form on the website i.e. After verification, they are registered and provided the login id and password through which they can log in.

Organizations/Associations will send letters to the Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare, which can be found on the SANKALP website. They will receive an email with a blank registration form. The Department will process the details after receiving a properly completed registration form before registering.

DOPPW’s role would be limited to that of a facilitator and catalyst. Based on self-declaration, Sankalp lists a number of pensioners and organizations in India. This does not imply that pensioners/ organizations are endorsed or recommended in any way by DOPPW. The Department also makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of the information on the website and disclaims all liability for any damages suffered as a result of its use. DOPPW does not guarantee that all retirees will find suitable employment, nor that all organisations will find suitable volunteers.

DOPPW is only provider of a platform where pensioners can access opportunities to work / contribute towards society and organizations /
Associations can select appropriate skill and expertise from the available post of human resources.

DOPPW does not guarantee that all retirees will be able to discover suitable volunteer opportunities or that all organisations will be able to find suitable volunteer retirees. It is recommended that both retirees and organisations verify the suitability of the programme for their needs.