Deduction of Income tax for the FY 2024-25: PCDA

Deduction of Income tax for the FY 2024-25: PCDA

Deduction of Income tax for the FY 2024-25 – Guidelines emphasizing early start, arrears, proof submission, and system automation: PCDA Circular dated 06.03.2024

Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Central Command) 1 Cariappa Road,
Lucknow Cantt.— 226002

No. AN/Pay/1/Circular.2024-25

Date: 06.03.2024

The Officer in4 Charge
All Section of Main Office
All sub Office under the PCDA (CC) Lucknow

Sub: Deduction of Income tax for the FY 2024-25.


As per Section 192 of income Tax Act- Any salary disbursing authority shall, at the time of Payment, deduct income tax on the amount payable at the average rate of Income Tax Computed on the basis of the rates of Tax in force or the financial year in which payment is made, on the estimated income of the assesse under this Head for the Financial Year.

2. On account of aforesaid provisions and order to avoid last hour rush at the end of the Financial Year it is directed that he income tax in the FY 2024-25 may be deducted in the following manner:

  1. Income tax deduction will be started in the Pay bill of the month of 03/24 based on 01/12 of the Tax liability of the expected in current year i.e., 2024-25, However IT deducted from arrears due to pay fixation/MACP/NFU can be excluded from the said assessment.
  2. During the financial year 2024-25, if any arrear of pay will be paid, IT will be deducted as per the officer/individual at the time of the payment.
  3. The deduction of income tax from RPB may be changed at any time as per request of the officer/ individual but only upon receipt of valid proof of documents.
  4. Proof of saving during current financial year may be collected along with Form-12BB, Annexure- IIA by concerned sub-office/Sections of Main Office and forwarded to this section/office with covering letter on fortnightly basis (i.e., 5th to 20th every month) required. The same can be forwarded through official email ID and will be accepted.
  5. Income Tax calculation will be done as per average basis by the system as per liability during the F.Y. 2024-25 and accordingly Income Tax deduction will be changed on submission of savings proof automatically by the system.

Sr. Accounts Officer (AN Pay-I)

Encls: Form 12 BB, Annexure- IIA .

Source: PCDA

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