Transfer Policy for Postal Service Group ‘B’ officers – Guidelines revised

Revised Guidelines to Transfer policy of Postal Officers Group B – Two Categories formed and Category A gets more priority

No. 9-23/2014-SPG

Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(Personnel Division)

Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi – 110 001
Dated: 18.05.2018

All Heads of Circles

SUB: -Revised Guidelines to be followed on allotment / re-allotment of Postal Service Group ‘B’ officers from one Circle/ Unit to other Circle/Unit. 


I am directed to refer to the circular letter of even number dated 15.09.2014 and 23.03.2017 on the subject cited above. The matter has been revisited and the Competent Authority has approved the following revised guidelines, in supersession of previous guidelines on the subject keeping in view the fact that Postal Service Group B officers are allotted / re-allotted to Circle / unit by the Postal Directorate and further allocation / posting of these officers within the circle / unit are done by the Head of Circle / unit concerned. It is also stated that while these guidelines have been framed to meet the need for striking a balance between requirement of the organization and the personal aspiration of the officers, it is to be remembered that Postal Service Group B is a Cadre having all India transfer liability and also the fact that it is also a feeder cadre for promotion to Junior Time Scale of Indian Postal Service, Group A. As such, the officers of Postal Service Group B cadre are expected to get exposure by working in different Circles / Units, which would be useful for their career progression and equip them with experience and skills to shoulder higher responsibility in due course.

2. The Postal Service Group ‘B’ officers have been categorized into 2 categories namely category A and B’ for the purpose of according priority in posting to circles. First Priority for posting to circles will be accorded to officers in Category A, followed by Category 8. Within each Category, preference of posting will be given to officers in the order indicated below:

a) Officers with only 3 or less than 3 years of service left for superannuation.
b) Differently abled officers as per instructions issued by DOPT.
c) Lady Officers who are left with 5 or less than 5 years of service for superannuation.

3. The choice of posting to a particular circle as per these guidelines is subject to administrative requirements and availability of vacancies; and therefore, cannot be claimed as a matter of right.

4. ‘Home Circle’ for the purpose of these guidelines is the Circle where the officer was initially appointed or Circle of ‘Domicile’. ‘Preferred Circle’ is the circle indicated by the officer as his preferred choice of posting.

5. Only such requests for posting / re-allotment to a circle will be considered, as are forwarded to the Directorate through proper channel along with vigilance clearance.

6. The competent authority may relax any of the provisions in these guidelines in exceptional circumstances.

7. Categories of officers for the purpose of circle allocation are as under:

7.1 Category A: Postal Service Group B Officers who are already working outside their Home Circle / Preferred Circle will be considered for posting / reallotment in the following manner:

(a) Officer will be considered for re-allotment only after completion of a tenure of three years in the Circle of posting. Tenure for hard stations will be governed by DOP&T guidelines on the subject. Leave for more than 15 days in one spell taken during this period will not be counted for calculation of tenure period for considering requests for re-allotment and certificate in this regard will be furnished by the circle / unit concerned while forwarding the officer’s request.

(b) Re-allotment / posting requests from Postal Service Group ‘B’ officers to their respective Home Circle / preferred circle will be considered strictly on the basis of date of their joining on promotion posting outside their Home Circle / preferred circle, irrespective of their cadre seniority. In other words, those officers who joined their promotion post outside home circle preferred circle earlier will be given priority for posting / re-allotment over those who joined later.

(c) Re-allotment of circles to officers under Category A is subject to paragraph 2 above.

7.2 Category B: Newly promoted PS Group B Officers will be considered for posting in the following manner : 

(a) No officer will be allotted to their Home circle / Circle of Domicile as defined in paragraph 4 above except those falling under (a), (b) and (c) of Paragraph 2 above.

(b) Circles will be allotted to officers in Category B as per their inter-se seniority and requests for posting.

(c) Posting of officers under Category B is subject to paragraph 2 above.

8. Guidelines of posting in different PTCs and RAKNPA will be decided separately in consultation with Training Division of this Directorate.

This issues with the approval of Secretary (Posts).

Yours faithfully,
(Parveeta Dhawan)
Assistant Director General (SGP)

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