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Temporary Allotment of Bungalow for marriage purpose

It is decided by Directorate of Estates that type-VIII Bungalow No.5, Ashoka Road, New Delhi be earmarked exclusively for the purpose of Marriage/Social Function on place of Bungalow. No.1, Canning Lane, New Delhi. 

No other Bungalow type of accommodation shall be allotted for this purpose.  Bungalow No.1, Canning Lane, New Delhi may be taken in General Pool for allotment to entitled officers as a type-VIII house.

The conditions governing the allotment of the earmarked accommodation will be as under:-

  1. The period of allotment should not exceed 7 days in any case. 
  2. Only in exceptional cases the       period may be extendable to 10 days with the approval of the Director of Estates.
  3. The earmarked accommodation may be allotted for marriage/social functions.
  4. The allotment may be made to Central Government servants eligible for General Pool  residential accommodation for the marriage of the direct dependents i.e. son/daughter and other dependents i.e. son/daughter and other dependent family members whose name figure in CGHS/Ration Card.
  5. The allotment may also be made to Central Government employees working in ineligible offices/public sector undertakings/state governments on payment of higher rental charges, as indicated in Para below.
  6. The allotment may also be made to members of Parliament for the Marriage of their dependents on the same rates as for the Central Government employees eligible for General Pool residential accommodation.
  7. Request for temporary allotment from all categories shall be uniformly entertained 60 days in advance.

The allotment should be given to different persons in the following order of priority

  • Central Government employees eligible for GPRA.
  • Sitting Members of Parliament.
  • Retired Central Government employees.
  • Central Government employees working in offices ineligible for Government accommodation/Public Sectors Undertakings/Bodies and State Governments.
  • Ex-MPs and persons not falling under any of the above categories.

Download Office Memorandum 12020/2/67-Pol-II dated 11.09.2009

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