Retention of Railway quarter on transfer, deputation, retirement etc

Permission/regularization of overstayed Railway accommodation in the wake of Covid-19

Retention of Railway quarter on transfer, deputation, retirement etc – Railway Board Order RBE No. 99/2020 dated 24.11.2020

RBE No. 99/2020


No. E(G) 2000 QR 1- 23

New Delhi, dated 24.11.2020

The General Manager/Director General
All Indian Railways/Production Units/ROSO-Lucknow
(As per Standard mailing list)

Sub: Retention of Railway quarter on transfer, deputation, retirement etc.

The instructions contained in Board’s letter of even number dated 01.06.2001 (RBE No. 100/2001) regarding retention of Railway quarter on transfer, deputation, retirement etc. have been reviewed in Ministry of Railways and full Board have decided to partially modify provisions mentioned in para (a) and para 5.1 of the above-mentioned instructions as under.

1. Permanent Transfer

(a) (i) A Railway employee on transfer from one station to another which necessitates change of residence, may be permitted to retain the railway accommodation at the former station of posting for a period of two months on payment of normal licence fee plus six months on payment of double licence fee.

(ii) Further extension beyond the aforesaid period may be granted on educational ground only as mentioned below:

  • To cover the current academic session (i.e. end of the academic/ scholastic session) plus 15 days. The end of academic/scholastic session shall, in this case, mean “last paper of annual examination.
  • When the ward of the railway employee is studying in Class 9th or Class 11th, retention of railway accommodation may be allowed on educational ground to cover the current academic session and also the next academic session (examination) of the ward, till end of the academic/scholastic session of class 10th or h respectively plus 15 days.

(iii) Beyond the permitted/permissible limits, however, no further extension will be allowed on any ground whatsoever. Therefore, no request or representation on this score shall be entertained. For all occupations beyond the permitted period, immediate action should be taken to cancel the allotment, declare the occupation as unauthorised and initiate eviction proceedings, charging damage rent for the over-stay.

5. Retirement

5.1 Railway employees on retirement, including voluntary retirees and those retired compulsorily, may be permitted to retain non-earmarked Railway accommodation for a period of 4 months on payment of normal rent/flat rate of licence fee and the next 4 months on payment of special fee, i.e. double the normal rent or double the flat rate of licence fee. This is also applicable to audit staff doing Railway audit work . The cases of retirement on medical invalidation grounds are also to be treated at par with normal retirement .

2. Other provisions mentioned in Board’s letter No. E(G) 2000 QR 1-23 dated 01.06.2001 (RBE No. 100/2001) will remain unchanged.

3. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of railways.

4. Please acknowledge receipt.

(Anita Gautam)
Director Establishment (Genl.)
Railway Board

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