Guidelines for allotment of Government accommodation to Journalist and Press-cameramen

Review of guidelines for allotment of Government accommodation to Journalist and Press-cameramen

File No.12035/18/94-Po1.II (Journalists)
Government of India
Directorate of Estates
Nirman Bhawan
New Delhi
Dated 19.12.2012
Office Memorandum
Subject:-Review of guidelines for allotment of Government accommodation to Journalist and Press-cameramen.
The undersigned is directed to refer to this Directorate’s OM of even number dated 19.11.2001 vide which revised guidelines for allotment of Government accommodation to the Journalist and Press Cameramen were circulated. The matter has been further considered by the Government and it has been decided to revise limit of emoluments for Journalists/Press-cameramen Category-I and category-II. Accordingly para 1(b) (i) to (iii) of this office OM of even number dated 19.11.2001 has been substituted as under:-
Para 1 (b)

(i) Journalists/Press Cameraman drawing emoluments up to Rs. 20000/- per month (excluding (conveyance allowance) — Category-I)
(ii) Journalists/Press Cameraman drawing emoluments from Rs. 20001/- to Rs.40000/-per month (excluding  (conveyance allowance) — Category-II)
(iii) Type-IV accommodation may be allotted to Category-I of journalists/Press Cameramen drawing emoluments up to Rs.20000/- per month (excluding conveyance allowance) and Type-IV Spl. Accommodation, may be allowed to Category-II of Journalists/Press Cameramen drawing emoluments between Rs.20,001/- to Rs.40,000/- per month.

2. Other terms and condition of allotment of Government accommodation to the Journalists/press-cameramen from the Press Pool shall remain the same as were circulated vide this Directorate’s OMs  even number dated 15.06.2001 and 19.11.2001.
(S.K. Jain)
Deputy Director of Estates (Policy)

Download Office Memorandum 12035/18/94-Po1.II (Journalists) dated 19.12.2012

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